The Principles of the Cyber-Physical Components' Organization Based on the Methods of the Multi-Agent Interaction of the Moving Objects

: pp. 51 - 60
Maxim Musiyenko, Iryna Zhuravska, Ivan Burlachenko, and Oleksii Denysov

In these article the mathematical model of multi-agent CFS is proposed for describe of behavior of moving objects, interacting under wireless communication link on 802.11 standard. It has shown that the more important criteria for CFS, consisting of mobile objects, is the stability of communications. The stable transmission rate is achieved by reducing the asymmetry of the link between the cyber-physical components. This will ensure the rhythmical loading of the computing board processors (CPU or / and GPU) on cyber object. The models of camera's matrices and computing boards for unmanned vehicles (UMV) are analyzed and proposed. The methods of avoidance the dropping of rate due to interference from the connecting to the ether of new access points, non-containing to CFS, are presented. The research and results contributes to the improving quality of transmission and processing data from wireless cyber-physical components.

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