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8651 Interparticle interactions, general relativity effects, and critical parameters of white dwarfs M. Vavrukh, N. Tyshko, S. Smerechynskyi Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8652 Solution of Helmholtz's equation in the plane with an elliptical hole M. Sukhorolsky Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8653 On three facts of reticences in the classical mathematical modeling of elastic materials J. Rushchitsky Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8654 Speech signal marking on the base of local magnitude and invariant segmentation Yu. Rashkevych, D. Peleshko, I. Pelekh, Ivan Izonіn Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8655 Simulation of nonstationary regimes of gas transmission systems operation N. Prytula, O. Gryniv, V. Dmytruk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8656 Modeling local non-homogeneity in electroconductive non-ferromagnetic thermoelastic solid T. Nahirnyj, Y. Senyk, K. Tchervinka Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8657 Structure of geometrical nonlinearities in problems of liquid sloshing in tanks of non-cylindrical shape O. Limarchenko, C. Cattani, V. Pilipchuk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8658 Statistical description of electro-diffusion processes of ions intercalation in "electrolyte – electrode" system P. Kostrobij, B. Markovych, R. Tokarchuk, M. Tokarchuk, Yu. Chernomorets Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8659 Modeling of the energy-loss piezoceramic resonators by electric equivalent networks with passive elements V. Karlash Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8660 Research of dynamic system with unstable subsystem that has one root in the right half-plane L. Demkiv Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8661 Integral photoelasticity relations for inhomogeneously strained dielectrics V. Chekurin Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8662 Identification of mass-transfer coefficient in spatial problem of filtration A. Bomba, A. Safonyk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8663 Applying the concept of generating polynomials to the antenna synthesis problem by power criterion M. Andriychuk, O. Bulatsyk, M. Voytovych Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8664 Damping characteristics of three-layer beam-damper under harmonic loading Y. Zhuk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8665 To modeling the auxetic materials: some fundamental aspects J. Rushchitsky Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8666 Models of mass transfer in gas transmission systems Ya. Pyanylo, M. Prytula, N. Prytula, N. Lopuh Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8667 2D integral formulae and equations for thermoelectroelastic bimaterial with thermally insulated interface Ia. Pasternak, R. Pasternak, H. Sulym Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8668 Mathematical modeling of near-surface non-homogeneity in nanoelements T. Nahirnyj, K. Tchervinka Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8669 Generalizations of the Faraday problem in mechanical system "reservoir–liquid with a free surface" O. Limarchenko, O. Konstantinov Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8670 Exact difference scheme for system nonlinear ODEs of second order on semi-infinite intervals M. Król, M. Kutniv, O. Pazdriy Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8671 Simulation of mass flows of decaying substance in layer with periodically located thin channels O. Chernukha, V. Dmytruk, V. Goncharuk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8672 FEM elements enriched with meshfree functions: overview and application M. Bekhta, Ya. Savula Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8673 Environmental safety of water bodies and coastal areas using the method of water environment bioindication by means of macrophytes Olga Bondarchuk, Vasyl Petruk, Kvaterniyk Sergiy Environmental problems
8674 Complex water treatment of agroindustrial complexes Vira Sabadash, Jaroslav Gumnitsky, Galyna Tyzrbir Environmental problems
8675 Reduction of environmental hazard of hudrogen sulfide emission from sewerage pipelines and visual pollution, formed by degassing units Valentina Iurchenko, Elena Lebedeva Environmental problems
8676 Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of biogas of cyanea organic mass Sergy Digtiar Environmental problems
8677 Mathematical modelling of the population dynamics of hunting mammals based on recurrent equation system Іryna Trach, Vasyl Petruk, Sergy Kvaternyuk, Тaras Titov Environmental problems
8678 Reducing energy consumption and reducing co2 emissions of coke plant Leonid Ulyev, Stanislav Boldyryev, MihailVasilyev, Temirkhan Zebeshev, Alisher Khusanov Environmental problems
8679 Prospects of using methods effective use of alternative energy Svetlana Bukhkalo, Oksana Olkhovska Environmental problems
8680 Water resources of Ukraine: usage, qualitive and quantitative assesment (with detaile description of Odessa region) Tamerlan Safranov, Nikolai Berlinskyi, Andrei Volkov Environmental problems
8681 Analysis and forecast of the environmental radioactivity dynamics based on the methods of chaos theory: general conceptions Alexander Glushkov, Timur Safranov, Olga Khetselius, Anna Ignatenko, Vasily Buyadzhi, Andrey Svinarenko Environmental problems
8682 Studying and forecasting of the phosphates pollution dynamics in watersheds and antropogenic water management landscape dynamics: application to the small carpathians rivers’ watersheds Alexander Glushkov, Valery Khokhlov, Mykola Serbov, Vasily Buyadzhi, Yuliya Bunyakova, Elena Solyanikova Environmental problems
8683 Advanced modeling and forecasting of pollutant concentrations temporal dynamics in the atmosphere of an industrial city (gdansk region) Alexander Glushkov, Timur Safranov, Olga Khetselius, Georgy Prepelitsa,Yuliya Bunyakova, Nataliya Bykowszczenko Environmental problems
8684 Change of bacterial amount during sonication Iryna Koval, Liliya Shevchuk Environmental problems
8685 Administration of the system of municipal solid waste management lublin experience in the period from 2007 until 2010 Wojciech Lutek Environmental problems
8686 Mutation of the drosophila melanogaster l. Under the influence of the electromagnetic radiation Volodymyr Nykyforov, Oksana Sakun Environmental problems
8687 Influence of dobrotvir thermal power plant on environmental specifications Volodymyr Pohrebennyk Environmental problems
8688 Development of mathematic model of gas-turbine unit combustion chamber functioning Oleh Mandryk, Yuliya Mykhailiuk Environmental problems
8689 Spatial and temporal variability of pollutants in the bottom sediments in the northwest part of the black sea Nikolai Berlinskyi, Tamerlan Safranov Environmental problems
8690 Methodological principles of electromagnetic screens application for public protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation Valentyn Glyva, Olena Panova, Olena Voloshkina Environmental problems
8691 Integrated adsorption and ultrasonic technology for water treatment processes Nataliya Vronska, Myroslav Malovanyy, Iryna Koval, Volodymyr Starchevskyy Environmental problems
8692 Reduction of the environmental threat from uncontrolled development of cyanobacteria in the waters of the dnieper reservoirs Myroslav Malovanyy, Volodymyr Nykyforov, Olena Kharlamova, Alexander Synelnikov and Khrystyna Dereyko Environmental problems
8693 Preparation of quality drinking water as a basis of the environmetal safety and human health Maryna Kravchenko Environmental problems
8694 Adaptation of iucn classification schemes for environmental safety passports of species Tetiana Kryvomaz Environmental problems
8695 Decontamination of radioactive liquid systems by modified clay minerals Ihor Petrushka, Olexandr Moroz Environmental problems
8696 The concept of environmental safety of vinnytsia region in the waste management sphere Roman Petruk, Vasyl Petruk, Vitalii Ishchenko, Sergey Kvaterniuk Environmental problems
8697 Ecological safety of visual environment and videoecological perception (vep) of vinnitsia Olga Bondarchuk, Vasyl Petruk Environmental problems
8698 Pollution of soil environment with mineral fertilizers and ways of their migration deep into the soil Jaroslav Gumnytskiy, Oksana Lyuta Environmental problems
8699 Hazardous household waste management in vinnytsia region Vitalii Ishchenko, Roman Petruk, Yana Kozak Environmental problems
8700 Tritium and its place in the overall radiation ukraine technogenesis Olena Kotovenko, Olena Miroshnychenko, Iryna Marchenko Environmental problems