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8951 Certain aspects of the adaptation of national transport legislation with the requirements of the european union in the field of transport Serhiy Yesimov, Khrystyna Vysotskaya Series of Legal Sciences
8952 Distribution of epicentres of earthquakes and structure of the Earth’s crust in the south east flank of the Chersky seismic belt (the north east of Russia) L. Yu. Kalinina, N. K. Haidai Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8953 Some aspects of the control of the virtual environment in Ukraine Serhiy Yesimov Series of Legal Sciences
8954 Geodynamic model that seismic figure of Zakarpattya as a result of deformed researches V. Ihnatyshyn, D.V. Malytskyi, Yu. P. Koval Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8955 The notion of the subject authority in administrative justice of Ukraine Olha Skochulias-Pavliv Series of Legal Sciences
8956 The legal nature of administrative responsibility of minors Nataliya Lesko Series of Legal Sciences
8957 Geophysical observations in Zakarpattia and their results V. Ihnatyshyn, D.V. Malytskyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8958 The problem questions that can be decided only by making alteration in constitution of Ukraine Olena Kovalchuk Series of Legal Sciences
8959 Improvement of public policy in the field of information technology in the context of executive bodies Volodymyr Ortynskyi Series of Legal Sciences
8960 Mathematical modelling of established oscillations of electromagnetic field in a piecewise-homogeneous half-space with indirect boundary element method L. M. Zhuravchak, Yu. O. Fedoryshyn Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8961 Unsteady flow of compressible fluid in a piecewise homogeneous layer with nonlinear behaviour of material in the zones L. M. Zhuravchak, A. Ye. Struk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8962 Environmental monitoring, control of extraction and processing of pollymetalic ores based on X-ray radiometric investigations S. A. Yefimenko, O. S. Yefimenko, V. S. Portnov, A. D. Mausymbaieva, A. K. Tursunbaieva Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8963 On analytical density approximation based on gravity gradient data Yu. I. Dubovenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8964 Features of the deep structure of Kirovograd ore district according to the seismic data H. M. Drohytska Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8965 The results of detailed em soundings in the problem zone at the northern border of Dombrovsky quarry S. A. Deshchytsia, O. I. Romaniuk, Yu. V. Sadovyi, O. I. Pidvirnyi, R. I. Kusailo, V. V. Koliadenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8966 Comparative analysis of the institution of inheritance by law Kievan Rus and independent Ukraine Mariya Dolynska Series of Legal Sciences
8967 The legal nature of contracts that mediate foreign investment Mariya Blikhar Series of Legal Sciences
8968 Executives of the chairman Volodymyr Kravchuk Series of Legal Sciences
8969 Crime in the determination of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors Svitlana Yakimova Series of Legal Sciences
8970 Subject of crime in the law of Kievan Rus Ihor Panonko Series of Legal Sciences
8971 “Elitism” in the characterization Crimes Ivan Kohutych Series of Legal Sciences
8972 On recovering the potential and its derivatives on the boundary of the area containing sources V. S. Holtsev Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8973 Integrative function of criminology in the sciences about man Oleksiy Нumin Series of Legal Sciences
8974 On reproducibility of relative locations of recurrent earthquakes recovered at a single station A. R. Gnyp Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8975 On peculiarities of average velocity distribution in thrust and underthrust deposits within the Krukenytska subzone of Bilche-Volytska zone O. S. Hnevush, V. V. Hnevush Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8976 On distribution of earthquakes relative to the density boundary in stratification of Earth’s crust (case study in selected areas of the North-East of Russia) N. K. Haidai Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8977 Impact of international factors on the abolition of the death penalty in Ukraine Lyubomyr Hryvnіak Series of Legal Sciences
8978 Impact of historical and legal phenomena on the processes of performance and serving punishment in Ukraine Ivan Bogatyrev, Iryna Zhurova Series of Legal Sciences
8979 Theoretical and legal foundation for the exercise of public administrations authority the legal protection of legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine in the property field Iryna Lychenko Series of Legal Sciences
8980 Functional analysis prevention of Crime Oleksiy Lytvynov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8981 The legal status of local government in Ukraine Myroslav Kovaliv, Valeriy Ivacha Series of Legal Sciences
8982 Functional characteristic of legal construction Alona Dutko Series of Legal Sciences
8983 Administrative and legal mechanisms to prevent violations in the sphere of economics as a basis for economic stability state Kantor Series of Legal Sciences
8984 Institutional framework of the financial apparatus of the genoese colony in the crimea (based on the 1449 constitution) Oleksandr Gavrylenko Series of Legal Sciences
8985 Modern idea of the human’s right on marriage and family according to international standards Solomiya Tsebenko Series of Legal Sciences
8986 legal regulation of information activities of the fiscal service in the context of european integration Serhiy Yesimov Series of Legal Sciences
8987 Practice in informal functioning of the institution executive and ways of overcoming Oleksiy Dniprov Series of Legal Sciences
8988 International labor migration: causes and consequences for economy Yaryna Volosko Series of Legal Sciences
8989 Gravity and magnetic complex for oil and gas prospecting V. Gadirov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8990 The principles of financial control system investment legal policy Nadiya Bortnyk, Serhiy Yesimov Series of Legal Sciences
8991 The concepts and categories as the basis for science tax law of Ukraine Oksana Bayik Series of Legal Sciences
8992 Mathematical modelling of longitudinal wave reflection coefficient from decompressed saturated zones in granite S. A. Vyzhva, H. T. Prodaivoda, O. O. Kozionova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8993 Formation and development of the native political and legal thought conception of Ukraine as malorussia (the origins of russian imperial ideology) Ivan Terlіuk Series of Legal Sciences
8994 Enforcement policy for the protection of human rights in ukraine association with the EU Volodymyr Ortynskyi Series of Legal Sciences
8995 Seismic observations at the temporary stations in the area around the Zaporizhzhya NPP S. T. Verbytskyi, Yu. T. Verbytskyi, R. S. Pronyshyn, I. Ya. Sapuzhak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8996 The processes of sovietization of southern Bessarabia (1940 – 1946) in the documents of the state archive of the Odessa region in the city of izmail: an attempt to scientific research Volodymyr Makarchuk, Yevheniya Shybko Series of Legal Sciences
8997 Problems of election system in Ukraine Olena Kovalchuk Series of Legal Sciences
8998 Recent research of geophysical parameters of the lithosphere of East-European platform T. Burakhovych, A. M. Kushnir, T. O. Tsvietkova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
8999 Corporate culture is an important element of the legal system Ukraine Halyna Popadynets Series of Legal Sciences
9000 Conductivity anomalies in the zones of anartozit and alkaline magmatism on the Ukrainian shield T. Burakhovych, O. V. Usenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»