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9101 Researches of length of the zone of Teisseyre-Tornkquist on the territory of the Western Ukraine Yu. Z. Krupskyi, O. I. Vyslotska Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9102 Results of determination of horizontal deformations of the Earth’s crust of Europe according to the data of GNSS-observations and their relation with the tectonic structure K. R. Tretyak, A. I. Vovk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9103 Studing the tectogenesis in the middle course basin of river latorytsia based on analysis of basic releif surfaces O. M. Ivanik, T. V. Andriiets, S. V. Muravko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9104 Reflection of systems of stresses of different rank and of their transformations in the processes of seismotectogenesis Yu. M. Volfman Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9105 Litho-petrophisical heterogeneity of the reservoir rocks V. M. Vladyka, Yu.I. Fedoryshyn, M. Yu. Nesterenko, R.S. Balatskyi, R. I. Lata Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9106 The study of periodic changes in altitude of the satellite permanent stations of the Europe K. R. Tretyak, O. M. Smirnova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9107 Research of features of annual vertical movement of the crust based on the observations of permanent GNSS-Europe stations K. R. Tretyak, V. V. Romaniuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9108 About migration of the extreme values of velocities of the crust dilatation in Europe K. R. Tretyak, A. I. Vovk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9109 The use of digital images for determining the coordinates of objects in the real plane with a flat four-point transformation Ye. Tomashevska Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9110 3d euler deconvolution for the depth determination of the sources of the gravity field in the Ukrainian Carpathian D. O. Marchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9111 Regularization method in determining of the zonal harmonic coefficients A. N. Marchenko, Yu. O. Lukyanchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9112 The use of second neumann method for modelling the Earth's gravity field based on satellite gradientometry data A. N. Marchenko, A. N. Lopushanskyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9113 Сauses and conditions administrative offenses among children Nataliya Lesko Series of Legal Sciences
9114 Predicting of oil-gas-water-saturation of rocks of different lithology and geodynamic genesis in open-casts of wells L. V. Skakal’s’ka, A. V. Nazarevych Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9115 Forecasting of oil and gas areas within the south-western part of the Srebnyanska depression of DDB according to the gravity and seismic data S. G. Anikeyev, O. D. Shurovsky Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9116 Structure, dynamics and seismotectonics of faulting zones (by results of physical modelling and field studies) parth 1: physical modelling A. V. Nazarevych, O. N. Bokun, L.Ye. Nazarevych Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9117 Some aspects improvement legal regulation of public safety Volodymyr Dytіuk Series of Legal Sciences
9118 The three-dimensional geoelectric model of earth crust and upper mantle of the Dobrudga region T. Burakhovych, A. M. Kushnir, I. Yu. Nikolaiev, B.I. Shurkov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9119 Novel methods administrative and legal phenomena Volodymyr Ortynskyi Series of Legal Sciences
9120 Modeling elastic-dynamic effects of the crust under nuclear power plant (on the example of Chornobyl NPP) Yu. P. Starodub , O. Kendzera, B. Ye. Kuplovskyi, T. B. Brych, V. I. Prokopyshyn, O. P. Oleshchuk, Ye. I. Oleshchuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9121 Using data of infrasound measurements in Ukraine for explosions and earthquakes identification O.I. Liashchuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9122 Administrative and legal relations public financial management implementation national bank of Ukraine Nadiya Bortnyk, Serhiy Yesimov Series of Legal Sciences
9123 Periodicity of oil recovery changes in deposits as result of natural factors influence V. Gadirov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9124 Thermodynamic and hydrogeological conditions of forming the hydrocarbon deposits of the Pre-Black Sea aquiferous basin O. V. Lyubchak, I. V. Kolodiy, Y. V. Khokha Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9125 Non standard methods producing forensically relevant information part pre trial investigation: investigative hypnosis Volodymyr Ortynskyi Series of Legal Sciences
9126 Regional quasigeoid determination: an application to Arctic gravity project A. N. Marchenko, B. Dzhuman Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9127 Investigation of the relationship between the modern vertical displacement of the crust and seismic activity of Europe K. R. Tretyak, V.V. Romanyuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9128 In memory of Emilii' Myhajlivny Jevsjejevoi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9129 Deformations rocks Uman, Novograd-Volynsk and Novoukrainsk massif betvin the 2,02 – 2,05 ga tektonic research S. Mychak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9130 Oleg Borysovych Gintov is 80! Editoral board of interdepartamental scientific and technical review “Geodynamics” Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9131 Mykhaylo Ivanovych Orliyk is 60! Editoral board of interdepartamental scientific and technical review “Geodynamics” Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9132 Some peculiarities of seismisity Transcarpathians V. Yu. Maksymchuk, N. B. Pyrizhok, R. S. Pronyshyn, V. R. Tymoschuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9133 Peculiarities of the anomalous magnetic field in the areas of hydrocarbon fields in the Carpathian foredeep R. S. Kuderavets, V. Yu. Maksymchuk, I. O. Chobotok, V. R. Tymoschuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9134 Analysis of the influence of geological structure of the rocks to the characteristics of the landslides E. D. Kuzmenko , L. V. Shtogryn, I. V. Chepurnyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9135 Fedir Dmytrovych Zablotskyy – 70 Editoral board of interdepartamental scientific and technical review “Geodynamics” Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9136 New occurrence of iron cilicide in the Ukraine. Cosmogenic or telluric nature? N. T. Bilyk, J. S. Makovskyi, I. V. Poberezhskaya, V. B. Stepanov, V. R. Tymoschuk, T. G. Shevchenko, I. H. Yatsenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9137 Marmarosh massif in Ukraine and holy cross mountains in Poland – the rootless allochthonous tectonic structures Yu. Z. Krupskyi, V. P. Marusyak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9138 By the earthquake prediction in areas of earth crust tension on measurements of stations of global navigation systems Yu. Z. Krupskyi, V. P. Bodlak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9139 Magnetic susceptibility of the Carpathian mountains soils in Maniavka river valley O. I. Menshov, R. S. Kuderavets, I. O. Chobotok Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9140 Identification and analysis of orographic lineaments of the upland Opillya based on 3d-terrain models G. R. Bayrak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9141 Statistical features and analysis of tectonic jointing from cretaceous-neogene deposits of the Ukrainian Carpathians Y.M. Vikhot Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9142 Mathematical simulation of frequency sounding with electromagnetic field in a locally inhomogeneous half-space L. M. Zhuravchak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9143 Synthetic frequency characteristics of near-surface layers under the seismic stations Trosnyk, Uzhgorod, and Mizhgirya A. R. Gnyp Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9144 Structure, dynamics and seismotectonics of faulting zones A. V. Nazarevych, O. N. Bokun, L.Ye. Nazarevych Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9145 Use of the kinematic method for reconstruction of stress fields and mechanisms of the structure development in Donbas (on an example of the western closure of the Horlovka anticline) O. V. Nikitenko, O. G. Chernysh Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9146 Gas-generation potential estimation of silurian shale deposits of Volhyno-Podillya margin of East European platform К. А. Bezruchko, I. M. Kurovets, O. V. Burchak, O. К. Balalayev Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9147 Geological characteristics based on 3D modeling of unconventional hydrocarbon types S.A. Diakonchuk, T. M. Kuzmenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9148 Determination of the earth surface movements in areas of Dniester HPPS using satellite and ground geodetic methods I.S. Sidorov, S. Periy, V. H. Sarnavskyj Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9149 Deformational structures and stress field of the south-western Crimea in the context of the evolution of Western-Black basin A. Murovskaya, J.-C.Ippolite, Ye. Sheremet, T. Yegorova, Ye. Kolesnikova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9150 Regional quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine area A. N. Marchenko, O. V. Kucher, D. O. Marchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»