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9201 Historical and legal aspects of research problems of criminal violent behavior of the person Oleksiy Gumin Series of Legal Sciences
9202 Investigated legalization (washing) of the profits got a criminal way in theoretical and legal aspects Vasyl Zaharov Series of Legal Sciences
9203 Geothermal model of the Earth’s crust across the Eastern Carpatians along the seismsc profile Dobre-3 (PANCAKE) R. I. Kutas Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9204 Scientific interpretations of terrorism as a destructive system-social event Volodymyr Kantsir Series of Legal Sciences
9205 Marysyuk k. B. Themost known penitentiaries of the world : halden fengsel (norway) Kostyantyn Marysyuk Series of Legal Sciences
9206 Results of magnetometry and soil’s Х-measuaring on Orchovychi oil and gas field in Carpathian foredeep R. S. Kuderavets, O. I. Menshov, I. O. Chobotok Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9207 Acculturation in law (theoretical, cultural and anthropological aspects) Ihor Sytar Series of Legal Sciences
9208 Rulemaking principles of local government Oleksandra Shahan Series of Legal Sciences
9209 The roots forming of the theory of the police state Mykola Polikovskiy, Zoryana Petrechko Series of Legal Sciences
9210 Forming of the system of social of legal defense of servicemen of military powers of Ukraine Artashes Papikian Series of Legal Sciences
9211 Legal monitoring with participation of public associations and scientific institutes Ihor Onyshchuk Series of Legal Sciences
9212 Romanian-soviet intervention and interpretation of these events in the historiography and memoirs of romanian politicians Serhiy Nazaria Series of Legal Sciences
9213 Individual's right to compensation for property damage in the soviet Ukraine: historical and legal aspects Nataliya Zhukrovskaya Series of Legal Sciences
9214 Reception to question byzantine standards as background origin of notary law of Ukraine Mariya Dolinskaya Series of Legal Sciences
9215 The rule of law and legality as signs of a legal state Roman Shay Series of Legal Sciences
9216 Political and legal projects on cossack surroundings of xviii century to prevent high-handedness in political life (to the origins of ukrainian constitutionalism) Ivan Terlyuk Series of Legal Sciences
9217 Practice of magnetic surveys over hydrocarbon fields in Carpathian foredeep, Ukraine R. S. Kuderavets, V. Yu. Maksymchuk, I. O. Chobotok, T. A. Klymkovych, V. R. Tymoshchuk, N. B. Pyrizhok Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9218 The stages of normotvorchego process are in the organs of local self-government: teoretiko-legal aspects Yuriy Shpak Series of Legal Sciences
9219 Study of magnetic susceptibility of Dashava formation sediments in NW part of Carpathian foredeep R. S. Kuderavets Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9220 Problems of war and peace in “philosophy of law” by g. Gegel Olena Ryashko, Vasyl Ryahsko Series of Legal Sciences
9221 Joint acts of corruption, abuse of power in the civil service Iryna Khomyshyn Series of Legal Sciences
9222 Application of X-metering for specification of facial boundaberies of the center zone of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression I. H. Kryva, S. V. Onufryshyn Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9223 Methodology study and development communication culture Olena Chornobay Series of Legal Sciences
9224 Public administration in economy Ruslan Strotskyy Series of Legal Sciences
9225 Legal problems of state building in transformational reality of modern Ukraine Nataliya Iuskiv Series of Legal Sciences
9226 The organizational principles of governance reforms in the court in terms of European integration Rostyslav Sopilnuk Series of Legal Sciences
9227 The influence of type of the Earth’s crust on the traveltime curve of the earthquakes in transition zone between Okhotsk sea and land R. S. Komarova, B. M. Sedov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9228 Formalization of law as a law-making stage Roman Radeyko Series of Legal Sciences
9229 Media rights discourse in the media space bilingual Iryna Skovronska Series of Legal Sciences
9230 Determining and analysis of azimuthal coefficients qi for the seismically active region of Transcarpathians E. M. Kozlovskyi, D.V. Malytskyi, A. Yu. Pavlova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9231 Theoreticaland legalaspects of juridicalmechanism for ensuring of freedom of expression journalists Liliya Yarmol Series of Legal Sciences
9232 About the terms and their impact on understanding military administrative offenses Oleksiy Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
9233 Epistemology of legal methodology Mykhaylo Kelman Series of Legal Sciences
9234 Status for administrative law in violation of labour in Ukraine Leonid Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
9235 Comparative characteristics of parameters and variations of Vise vector at the permanent geophysical station Nyzhnye Selyshche and magnetic observatory Hurbanovo T. A. Klymkovych, V. Yu. Maksymchuk, F. Valakh, M. Vachova, V. M. Myroniuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9236 Update methodological approach to state-govenment phenomena within theoretical law Iryna Zharovska Series of Legal Sciences
9237 Legislative regulation of areas as the basis of information information security states Nadiia Moroz Series of Legal Sciences
9238 The problems of ontologically legal tenets Stepan Slyvka Series of Legal Sciences
9239 Essence of legality in public administration warranties and its compliance Oleksiy Marushiy Series of Legal Sciences
9240 Transformation of signals registered at seismic stations of Ukraine from “pixel” to physical form O. Kendzera, V. A. Ilienko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9241 Administrative services and its relationship with related concept Natalya Marynjak Series of Legal Sciences
9242 Divorce under the laws of Ukraine Alona Dutko Series of Legal Sciences
9243 Detecting the anomalous events in lithosphere by means of infrasonic and geoelectric monitoring at the surface L.M. Karataieva, V. K. Lipskyi, Z.I. Liubinetskyi, V. P. Mezentsev, M.O. Melnyk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9244 The principle of fiscal adequacy in the tax legislation of Ukraine Olya Barabash Series of Legal Sciences
9245 The essential characteristics of local self-government Lyubov Gulak Series of Legal Sciences
9246 Induced polarization as electromagnetic phenomenon (general phenomenological theory) F. M. Kamienietskyi, H. M. Trihubovych Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9247 The role and place of the head in the management of executive agencies Myroslav Kovaliv Series of Legal Sciences
9248 Certain aspects of the adaptation of national transport legislation with the requirements of the european union in the field of transport Serhiy Yesimov, Khrystyna Vysotskaya Series of Legal Sciences
9249 Distribution of epicentres of earthquakes and structure of the Earth’s crust in the south east flank of the Chersky seismic belt (the north east of Russia) L. Yu. Kalinina, N. K. Haidai Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9250 Some aspects of the control of the virtual environment in Ukraine Serhiy Yesimov Series of Legal Sciences