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9451 Multilayered inverse linear problem of structural gravimetry and magnetometry P. O. Minenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9452 Aspects of assessment and developing of geothermal resources in Ukraine Yu. P. Starodub , V.M. Karpenko, V. M. Stasenko, M. S. Nikoriuk, O.V. Karpenko, V. L. Rybchak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9453 An electromagnetic precursor’s model of local earthquakes prediction O.V. Shabatura Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9454 Study of atmospheric infrasound on regime geophysical station “Beregove” in Transcarpathians A. V. Nazarevych, Z.I. Liubinetskyi, A. Yu. Mykyta, L.M. Karataieva, M.O. Melnyk, D.V. Malytskyi, V. P. Mezentsev, L.Ye. Nazarevych, Yu. P. Koval Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9455 New data about the deep heterogeneities of drake passage structures and the hydrocarbon potential of the Antarctic peninsula continental margin S. P. Levashov, M. A. Yakymchuk, I. M. Korchahin, V. H. Bakhmutov, V. D. Soloviov, D. M. Bozhezha Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9456 Pequliarities of geological structure and geodynamic evolution of south-eastern part of Volyn-Podolsk plate in the context of hydrocarbon potential Yu. Z. Krupskyi, B.P. Rizun, V. P. Bodlak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9457 Comparison of gas extraction properties of reservoir rocks of different geological depositional V. M. Vladyka, M. Yu. Nesterenko, I. H. Kryva, R.S. Balatskyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9458 Theoretical and practical aspects of the fluidodynamic conception of catagenesis K. Hryhorchuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9459 The role of magmatism in paleogeodynamic reconstructions Z.M. Liashkevych Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9460 “Geodynamics” and early Precambrian geology of the shields of ancient platforms V. P. Kyryliuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9461 Geodynamic evolution of the earth's and mars figure A. L. Tserklevych, O. S. Zaiats Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9462 About the necessity of modernization of Ukraine gravimetric network P. D. Dvulit , O. V. Smelianets Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9463 Reliability of results of processing of geodetic data by finite element method O. О. Таdyeyeva, O.А. Tadyeyev, P. G. Chernyaha Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9464 The field of linear velocities and movements of the earth crust in the South Eastern Europe region A. N. Marchenko, K. R. Tretyak, N.P. Yarema, B. Dzhuman, I.S. Sidorov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9465 Study of dynamics of horizontal crustal movements in Europe according to GNSS observation (2000–2010) K. R. Tretyak, A. I. Vovk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9466 Geodynamic formation of Trostyanets layers of Porkulets nappe N. B. Pyrizhok Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9467 In memory of Peter Hervaziyovycha CHERNYAHY Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9468 Memory Alexander BOKUNA Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9469 Volodymyr SHAMOTKO – 80 Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9470 Autochton of the north-western Сarpathians – geological structure and hydrocarbon potential based on the results of integral interpretation of geological and geophysical data O. P. Petrovskyi, T. O. Fedchenko, O. M. Onyshchuk, P. M. Bodlak, I. Ya. Yaremyn, V. V. Hnevush, V. M. Suiatinov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9471 Seismicity of central part of Ukrainian shield in 2007 - 2013 period O. Kendzera, V. V. Kutas, Yu.A. Andruschenko, P. H. Pihulevskyi, Ju.V. Lisovyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9472 The prognostication of mudflows in the Ukrainian Carpathians E. D. Kuzmenko , T.B. Chepurna Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9473 Electromagnetic monitoring of environmentally problematic objects in Precarpathians: results and technological means used S. A. Deshchytsia, O. I. Pidvirnyi, O. I. Romaniuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9474 On investigation of the local earthquakes precursors with its direct parameterization M.I. Tolstoy, O.V. Shabatura Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9475 Calculating of the geomagnetic fileld induction vector components on the Odessa magnetic anomaly region M. Orlyuk, O. V. Marchenko, I. Ivashchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9476 Characteristics of cretaceous-paleogene flysch reservoir rocks with low permeability from the oil-and gas-field in Dolyna, inner zone of the Carpathian foredeep P. B. Pelypchak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9477 Seismicity and the stressed state of the starobin potassium salt deposit in Belarus A. G. Aronov, Sh. A. Mukhamediev, T. P. Belousov, T. I. Aronova, R. R. Seroglazov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9478 Balanced cross section of the Ukrainian Carpathians along Berehomet–Burkut I.M. Bubniak, Y.M. Vikhot Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9479 Crust fragmentation and oil and gas potential of the Dnieper-Donets aulacogen V.D. Omelchenko, V. H. Kuchma Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9480 The stress-strain state modelling of the autochthonous sedimentary complex in the dynamic influence zone of the thrust wedge L.N. Khomyak, M. M. Khomiak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9481 Application of seismofacial analysis for identification of carbonate and terrigenous objects in lower and middle zarboniferous sediments (South part of the border zone of DDD) N. I. Nesina, H. P. Yenhalycheva Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9482 Selection of informative indicators for estimation of hydrocarbon potential of local objects in boryslav oil field M. I. Maniuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9483 Listric faults and their relationship with ring structures on the Ukrainian shield P. Ya. Kupriienko, I. B. Makarenko , O. S. Savchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9484 New promising areas, deposits, and types of hydrocarbon traps in the thrust areas under the Ukrainian Carpathians Yu. Z. Krupskyi, V. P. Bodlak Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9485 Geotectonic studies of the basement of the Ukranian shield based on geologic-formation approach: key findings V. P. Kyryliuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9486 Some aspects of geotectonic development of central part of the alpine-himalayan folded system K. M. Kerimov, V. Gadirov Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9487 Improvement of method of the differentiated determination of coefficient of expulsing of attandand water by industrial flows N.Yo. Miskiv, M. Yu. Nesterenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9488 Regularities of the spatial distribution of capacitor properties of rock-collectors in sarmatian deposits of neogene of Bilche-Volitskoy zone of Precarpatian foredeep V. M. Vladyka, M. Yu. Nesterenko, R.S. Balatskyi, R. I. Lata Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9489 Researches of length of the zone of Teisseyre-Tornkquist on the territory of the Western Ukraine Yu. Z. Krupskyi, O. I. Vyslotska Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9490 Results of determination of horizontal deformations of the Earth’s crust of Europe according to the data of GNSS-observations and their relation with the tectonic structure K. R. Tretyak, A. I. Vovk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9491 Studing the tectogenesis in the middle course basin of river latorytsia based on analysis of basic releif surfaces O. M. Ivanik, T. V. Andriiets, S. V. Muravko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9492 Reflection of systems of stresses of different rank and of their transformations in the processes of seismotectogenesis Yu. M. Volfman Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9493 Litho-petrophisical heterogeneity of the reservoir rocks V. M. Vladyka, Yu.I. Fedoryshyn, M. Yu. Nesterenko, R.S. Balatskyi, R. I. Lata Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9494 The study of periodic changes in altitude of the satellite permanent stations of the Europe K. R. Tretyak, O. M. Smirnova Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9495 Research of features of annual vertical movement of the crust based on the observations of permanent GNSS-Europe stations K. R. Tretyak, V. V. Romaniuk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9496 About migration of the extreme values of velocities of the crust dilatation in Europe K. R. Tretyak, A. I. Vovk Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9497 The use of digital images for determining the coordinates of objects in the real plane with a flat four-point transformation Ye. Tomashevska Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9498 3d euler deconvolution for the depth determination of the sources of the gravity field in the Ukrainian Carpathian D. O. Marchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9499 Regularization method in determining of the zonal harmonic coefficients A. N. Marchenko, Yu. O. Lukyanchenko Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»
9500 The use of second neumann method for modelling the Earth's gravity field based on satellite gradientometry data A. N. Marchenko, A. N. Lopushanskyi Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»