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201 DETERMINATION OF SIGNIFICANT FACTORS OF LANDSLIDE PROCESSES AND FLOODING Mykhailo Katkov, Myroslav Malovanyy, Iryna Kotsiuba, Tetyana Senchuk, Maryna Lavinda Environmental problems
202 IMPROVEMENT OF ADSORPTION PROCESSES OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT FROM NICKEL IONS Ihor Petrushka, Kateryna Petrushka, Bohdanna Bliatnyk Environmental problems
203 ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN THE AIRPORT IMPACT AREA–CASE STUDY OF THE BORYSPIL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Margaryta Radomska, Svitlana Madzhd, Larysa Cherniak, Oleksandr Mikhyeyev Environmental problems
204 PROBLEM OF DISPOSAL OF ORGANOCHLORINE WASTE OF VINYL CHLORIDE PRODUCTION Viktor Vasiychuk, Yaroslav Kuchera, Olena Matskiv, Oleh Nahurskyy, Stepan Kachan Environmental problems
207 Ways to improve models of constitutional justice in Ukraine: historical, legal and international practice O. Kovalchuk , E. Sorochkina Series of Legal Sciences
208 The problem of the nature of people’s sovereighty and its definition in the constitutional law V. Kovalchuk, Y. Bohiv Series of Legal Sciences
209 Using the hypnosis method for overcoming overcoming counteraction to investigation of crimes in the sphere of official activity O. Romtsiv Series of Legal Sciences
210 The essence of declaration on human rights in criminal proceedings О. Nesimko, M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
211 Issues on purpose of penalty taken into account К. Marysyuk , Nataliya Slotvinska, V. Davidyuk Series of Legal Sciences
212 Principles of international criminal law H. Lukianova , I. Serkevych Series of Legal Sciences
213 The international experience of regulation of criminalresponsibility for propaganda, planning, preparation, unleashing and conducting of aggressive war V. Kantsir, Сh. Oliynyk Series of Legal Sciences
214 Mechanism of crime: scientific and methodological analysis of definition O. Humin, V. Stroyich Series of Legal Sciences
215 Procedural forces in the process of implementing precautions relating to partial restriction of freedom of person M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
216 About disadvantages of organizational and legal support for preventing students of human-violent crimes against ownership S. Yakymova, N. Bolibrukh Series of Legal Sciences
217 Legal regulation of attorney's participation in the civil process of Ukraine R. Rymarchuk, S. Soroka Series of Legal Sciences
218 Powers of notary in the conditions of the present M. Nimak Series of Legal Sciences
219 General principles of organization and operation of the advocacy of foreign countries I. Lychenko Series of Legal Sciences
220 Mediation as a method for settlement of family disputes A. Dutko, E. Nagirniak Series of Legal Sciences
221 Influence of transportation object position in car body on its vibrational loading Bohdan Kindratskyy, Oleksiy Osmak Transport technologies
222 The impact of parameters of traffic flows of Lviv street-road network on the level of environmental and economic losses Roman Kachmar , Olena Lanets Transport technologies
223 Pedestrian and cyclist flows interaction in the urban street and road network Anna Sotnikova, Angela Francke Transport technologies
224 To determination of traffic delay at controlled intersection Yevhen Fornalchyk, Volodymyr Hilevych Transport technologies
225 Increasing the complex intersections functioning efficiency by restriction of left-turn traffic flows Oleksii Lobashov, Mykola Boikiv Transport technologies
226 About passenger travels demand modeling in urban transportation systems Mykola Zhuk, Halyna Pivtorak Transport technologies
227 Impact of street parking on delays and the average speed of traffic flow Oleg Hrytsun, Oleksiy Lanets, Serhiy Solodkyy Transport technologies
228 Change of drivers functional condition while moving along highways of different technical categories Mykhailo Krystopchuk Transport technologies
229 Changing of the bus driver`s functional state in city conditions Taras Postranskyy, Yuliya Vovk Transport technologies
230 Justification of the criteria for allocation of separate lanes for urban public transport Yuriy Royko, Romana Bura, Roman Rogalskyy Transport technologies
231 Special features of certification of powers of attorney that equal to notarial by public individuals and official persons of health care establishments of Ukraine M. Dolynska Series of Legal Sciences
232 World notary systems: a comparative analysis S. Vasyliv, E. Sorochkina Series of Legal Sciences
233 The court - compulsory subject of civil proceedings: issues of civil jurisdiction S. Vasyliv Series of Legal Sciences
234 Introduction of dual form of education in ukrainian higher education I. Khomyshyn Series of Legal Sciences
235 Administrative and legal protection of land relations in conditions of market economy О. Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
236 Administrative legal bases of a risk-oriented system of tax control: foreign experience M. Noskova Series of Legal Sciences
237 The role and importance of the principles of law in the formation of modern administrative law H. Lukianova Series of Legal Sciences
238 The problem of definition of “legal values“ in modern scientific discourse V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
239 Updating the international paradigm of regulation of using drug: towards the problem Y. Turiansky Series of Legal Sciences
240 How to reach communication: to the issues for the protection of human rights and freedom in the information sphere A. Tokarska Series of Legal Sciences
241 Christian moral:metaantropological rationale S. Slyvka Series of Legal Sciences
242 The protection of the right to life: certain aspects in the context of contemporary risks Oksana Kovalchuk, A. Redko Series of Legal Sciences
243 Legal system of jurisdiction the US Supreme Court Z. Dobosh, O. Zabzaljuk Series of Legal Sciences
244 Features of persons of an unlimited use of crime К. Marysyuk , V. Kantsir Series of Legal Sciences
245 Criminal-law and criminological aspects of domestic violence O. Humin, A. Yosypiv Series of Legal Sciences
246 The problem of prevention of criminal offenses in the information sphere M. Huzela , N. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
247 Legal regulation of professional pre-higher education in Ukraine I. Khomyshyn Series of Legal Sciences
248 Contents and structure of administrative and legal support of public management B. Melnychenko Series of Legal Sciences
249 Application of administrative law and the mechanism of their implementation: theory and practice I. Serkevych, H. Lukianova Series of Legal Sciences
250 Problemic aspects of the legal regulation of the administrative services centers activities I. Krykavska Series of Legal Sciences