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251 The person of the criminal as an element of criminal characteristics of illegal privatization of state and municipal property O. Humin, Pryakhin E. Series of Legal Sciences
252 SH-Wave Scattering From the Interface Defect Myron Voytko, Yaroslav Kulynych, Dozyslav Kuryliak Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
253 Preventive measures as an independent variety of measures to ensure criminal proceedings: the grounds and purpose of application M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
254 Comparative analysis of the powers of notarial bodies in Georgia and Ukraine M. Dolynska Series of Legal Sciences
255 To the question of the legal status of other participants of the judicial proceedings in civil judiciaryм S. Vasyliv Series of Legal Sciences
256 Concept of administrative and legal support and its mechanism Chystokletov L., Khytra O. Series of Legal Sciences
257 Related control and supervision in the activities of the ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine O. Skochylias-Pavliv Series of Legal Sciences
258 Instrumental basis of the mechanism of administrative and legal regulation of environmental security Sirant M. Series of Legal Sciences
259 Autonomous Cyberphysical System of Controlled Treatment and Water Composition Control Yuriy Shabatura, Maryna Mikhalieva, Sergij Korolko, Liubomyra Odosii, Oleksiy Kuznietsov, Vasyl Smychok Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
260 Сertain aspects of the child's rights in the information environment А. Nesterenko Series of Legal Sciences
261 Typology of corruption events in police N. Lesko Series of Legal Sciences
262 Doctrinal approaches to interpretation of budget legal relations М. Blikhar Series of Legal Sciences
263 Problems of tolerance of law enforcers in modern multicultural society Shai R. Series of Legal Sciences
264 Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the study of the moral basis of the institute of advocacy V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
265 International legal standards of health: to characteristics of sources S. Tsebenko , Zhuravel M. Series of Legal Sciences
266 Modern content of be-in-communication A. Tokarska Series of Legal Sciences
267 Ontological primary space in the natural and legal creation of the world S. Slyvka Series of Legal Sciences
268 Conformist behavior under conditions of socio-legal disorganization A. Romanova, Shcherbai I. Series of Legal Sciences
269 Legal socialization in school environment O. Paruta Series of Legal Sciences
270 The critical view on the legal socialization: sublimated slavery or the problem of authoritarian subbmition of a person in non-democratic states O. Paruta Series of Legal Sciences
271 . Subject matter of legal comparativity and problems of definition of definitions Lesyak N., I. Koval Series of Legal Sciences
272 Peculiarities of elite formation in Ukraine and foundation for improvement M. Kristinyak Series of Legal Sciences
273 Comparative characteristics of legal regulation of personal data protection in the US and Europe: CCPA vs GDPR Y. Korneliuk, Seredynska Y. Series of Legal Sciences
274 Legal facts in the structure of a law enforcement activity Y. Korneliuk Series of Legal Sciences
275 The role of the elite in the formation of the language factor as one of the key bases of state construction M. Kelman, M. Kristinyak Series of Legal Sciences
276 National and information security (current update) І. Zharovska Series of Legal Sciences
277 Legal regulation of social security of judges in the conditions of Ukraine's european integration: trends of further development N. Huk Series of Legal Sciences
278 Worldview basis of scientific understanding of the phenomenon of law in accordance with specific time limits T. Harasymiv Series of Legal Sciences
279 Legal incentives: theoretical and legal principles A. Baran Series of Legal Sciences
280 Ukrainian attorney and advocate Volodymir Starosolsky on the nation and national state I. Terlyuk Series of Legal Sciences
281 Institute of human rights in the states of the islamic legal family Y.Pukavskyy, I. Koval Series of Legal Sciences
282 Parallel Combining Different Approaches to Multi-pattern Matching for Fpga-based Security Systems Sergii Hilgurt Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
283 Legal and regulatory forms of stimulation of… military valor: soldiers and officers of the Red army in the Second world war. Part 1. Order payments and bonuses for destroyed enemy equipment V. Makarchuk Series of Legal Sciences
284 MODELING THE IMPACT OF GCI COMPONENTS ON UKRAINE COMPETITIVENESS R. Dzvonyk, Natalia Horbal, O. Hoshovska Journal of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Series of Economics and Management Issues
285 A Software Service for the Garbage Type Recognition Based on the Mobile Computing Devices With Graphical Data Input Ruslan Bachynskyy, Oleksii Chaku, Nataliia Huzynets Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
286 The Algorithm of Cyber-physical System Targeting on a Movable Object Using the Smart Sensor Unit Dmytro Kushnir, Yaroslav Paramud Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
287 Systematic Mapping Study on Verification and Validation of Industrial Third-party Iot Applications Ivan Tritchkov Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems
288 SYNTHESIS AND PREDICTED ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY OF 4-SUBSTITUTED 9,10-ANTHRAQUINONE DERIVATIVES T. M. Taras, E. R. Luchkevich, V. I. Shupeniuk, O. P. Sabadakh, L. D. Bolibrukh, L. R. Zhurakhivska Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
289 ANALYSIS OF THE RANGE OF PREPARATIONS WITH RAW MATERIALS PINUS SP. AND PRODUCTS OF ITS PROCESSING N. E. Stadnytska, A.O. Kyrychuk, О. М. Fedoryshyn, G.M. Shyjan, V. P. Novikov Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
290 PREDICTED SCREENING OF BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF THIOSULPHONATE PYRIMIDINE DERIVATIVES N. Y. Monka, N. E. Stadnytska, R.V. Charka, Y.V. Roman, G. B. Shiуan, G. M. Khomitska, Vira Lubenets Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
291 FINDING OF KINETIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PROCESS CO-GASIFICATION OF HEAVY COAL TARS WITH LIGNITE AND WALNUT SHELL D. Yu. Bilets, D. V. Miroshnichenko, P. V. Karnozhitskiy, Yu. V. Nikolaichuk Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
292 KINETICS OF ALDOL CONDENSATION OF ACETIC ACID WITH FORMALDEHYDE ON B–P–V–W–Ox/SiO2 CATALYST N. S. Pavliuk, Volodymyr Ivasiv, О. M. Orobchuk, D.S. Shevchenko, Roman Nebesnyi Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
293 STUDYING THE INFLUENCE OF SYNTHESIS PARAMETERS ON THE MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF CoNi FERRITES L. A. Frolova, T. E. Butyrina Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
294 WAYS TO INCREASE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF DISCOLOR GLASS BOTTLES T. B. Zheplynskyy, І. О. Iliuchok, Ya. Vakhula Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
295 CRITERIA FOR RESEARCH OF THE PROCESS OF DISPERSION OF THE SYSTEM OF HYDRATE LIME-WATER A. I. Zahrai, Z. I. Borovetz, I. V. Lutsyuk, Ya. M. Novitskyi Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
296 COMPOSITION OF ASH FROM COMBUSTION OF CHLORORGANIC WASTES FORMED AT 1,2-DICHLORHETHANE PRODUCTION M. V. Shpariy, P. Y. Shapoval, I. P. Polyuzhyn, S.V. Kolobych, V. E. Stadnik Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
297 OBTAINING MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE FROM LIQUIDS MAGNESIUM-CONTAINING WASTE OF POTASSIUM PRODUCTION K. І. Blazhivskyi, I. Ye. Maksymovych, T. V. Partyka, R. L. Bukliv, Z. O. Znak Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
299 THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF 5- (2-NITROPHENYL) FURAN-2-CARBALDEHYDE AND ITS DERIVATIVES IN A CONDENSED STATE I. B. Sobechko, Yu. I. Gorak, Volodymyr Dibrivnyi, Lubomyr Goshko Chemistry, Technology and Application of Substances
300 The role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption V. Ortinski Series of Legal Sciences