Markos Tranos

Department of Geology, School of Geology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
54124 Thessaloniki, Hellas (Greece)
Research interests: 

Jointing and faulting analysis
Faults and crustal stresses
Active rupture zones; geometry, kinematics and seismotectonic properties
Faulting deformation of basins – Formation and evolution of basins
Thrust geometry and kinematics
Granitoid emplacement and deformation
Seismotectonics of active volcanoes
Fault plane solutions-faults kinematics and stress regime
Late alpine orogenic processes and post-alpine mountain building processes
Geology and Seismotectonics of Dams
Water-drilling investigation

My recent research deals with:
1) Fault activation and the driving stress regimes.
2) Separation of heterogeneous fault-slip data into homogeneous groups with the development of a new method namely TR method. Stress regime determination from heterogeneous fault-slip data.
3) Seismogenic fault plane identification from focal mechanisms that belong to an extensional or compressional seismic sequence.
4) Faulting deformation of the Inner Hellenides and the Southern Balkan Peninsula from the Tertiary onwards.

REVIEWER to Scientific journal and congresses
1) Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia
2) Anals Geophysics
3) Central European Journal of Geosciences
4) Geologica Carpathica
5) Geological Society of London (Special Publication)
6) Journal of Geophysical Research
7) Journal of Maps
8) Journal of Structural Geology
9) International Journal of Earth Sciences
10) Lithosphere
11) Tectonics
12) 10th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece
13) 19th Congress of Carpatho-Balkan Geological Association

:Geotechnical Chamber of Greece
Geological Society of Greece
Geological Society of America (Representative in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
European Geosciences Union