S. A. Vyzhva

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
64/13, Volodymyrska Street, City of Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601
Research interests: 

Specialist in the field of engineering and environmental geophysics, mathematical modeling of random processes and fields, reservoirs studies,  oil and gas deposits, geophysical monitoring of hazardous geological processes.


Candidate Dissirtation. "Development of the method of mathematical modeling of acoustic characteristics of complex rock-collectors of oil and gas" (1996), Doctoral Dissirtation "Theory and methodology of complex geodynamic interpretation of geophysical monitoring of dangerous geological processes" (2004).

Lectures: "Nuclear Geophysics", "Mathematical Modeling of Geophysical Parameters on the Computer", "Physics of the Earth". Participated in the development of sectoral education standards.

The author of more than 250 scientific works, including monographs, and books.

Articles published in Academic Journals of Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House