V. Kobolev

Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine
32 Palladin av. , Kiev, 03680
Research interests: 

geological structure of the litho­sphere of water area with geophysical methods; hypothesis development of hot zones of the Earth.


15.12.2015 - Professor ;

11.02.2004 - DoctorGeological Sciences,speciality:Geophysics;

09.06.1999 - Senior Researcher ;31.10.1984 - CandidateGeological and Mineralogical Sciences,speciality:Petrology;

Career in NAS of Ukraine

from 08.07.2013

Chief Scientist, Department of Geophysics and Marine petromahnetyzmuINSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS by S.I.Subbotin name;



Articles published in Academic Journals of Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House