Volume 4, Number 1, 2018

1 Bohdan Cherkes, Halyna Petryshyn, Anton Kolomyeytsev, Solomiya Konyk Intensification of building territory of a historical formed city using the example of Lviv 11 Oksana Bilinska Department of design and architecture basics: interiors’ drawing 19 Mariia Brych Application of multimedia exhibition technologies for architectural space formation of open-air museums 25 Lesya Chen, Ivan Znak Reproduction of the lost monastic complexes of OSBM 31 Yurii Dyba To the problem of interpretation of historical evidences concerning annalistic ’Novgorod’ in IX–X centuries (the comments referred to a new publication by e. nosov) 37 Khorosha Olena, Smoliak Volodymyr Architectural ensemble of the Pototskyi in Tulchyn, as the standard of classicism in eastern Podillia 45 Nellya Leshchenko New buildings in the historical urban environment 53 Svitlana Linda, Maria Voloshyn “Lviv Polytechnic – mother of technical education in Poland”: professors and graduates of the Lviv Polytechnic after the Second World War 61 Andriy Pavliv Urban space in the XXI century. the issues of scale and choice 69 Youri Rotchniak Territorial distribution of compositional and stylistic types of houses of the railway stations of Halychyna and Bukovyna 77 Galyna Shevtsova Genesis of ukrainian wooden church: world context and originality 89 Larysa Shuldan Methods of teaching architectural energy conservation in the educational design 96 Rostyslav Stotsko Suggestions on the development of higher theological-humanitarian institutions architecture in Ukraine 105 Аliona Subin-Kozhevnikova, Volodymyr Smoliak The residential architecture of the central part of Vinnytsia in the 20’s–30’s of the XX century 111 Natalia Vergunova, Mariya Blinova CAD/CAM/CAE-systems in design of architectural environment

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Bohdan Cherkes, Halyna Petryshyn, Anton Kolomeytsev, Solomiya Konyk
pp. 10
Natalia Vergunova, Mariya Blinova
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Bohdan Cherkes, Halyna Petryshyn, Anton Kolomyeytsev, Solomiya Konyk 
Lviv Polytechnic National University  12, S. Bandera Str., 79013, Lviv, Ukraine,  tscherkes53@gmail.com, hala.petr@polynet.lviv.ua, antonkolo@gmail.com, solyaa898@gmail.com 
Received: March  9, 2018 Revised: April 21, 2018  Accepted: May 2, 2018  
© Cherkes B., Petryshyn H., Kolomeytsev A., Konyk S., 2018 
Abstract: The article deals with the process of intensification of the urban territory of a historically formed city. The quarters of residential developments of different periods are analyzed and the indicators of density are determined. The urban transformations of a city canvas, which influence the changes in the density indices and their inter-dependence were investigated. 
Key words: urban development, urbanization, density, intensification