: pp. 41-48
Vinnytsia National Technical University, Ukraine

The international and European standards in the field of ensuring the quality of education, their basic principles, and recommendations on creating an internal quality system in an educational institution based on a process approach, proposed by the International Standard ISO 21001:2018, are analyzed. Introduction of the system’s policy quality management of higher education should be based on student-centered learning, culture, traditions of higher education institutions, a set of beliefs and values that determine the behavior of the institution in the educational market. The statement on the introduction of the policy of the higher education quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 21001 provides the basis for setting the goals of the institution, which are periodically reviewed to ensure that the mission and strategy of the institution is carried out efficiently and effectively, moving towards the vision of the institution. Such a movement of an educational institution will allow it to provide quality educational services, to be competitive in the educational services market, in demand in the labor market and to be present in international ratings of higher education institutions.

To ensure the quality of higher education, the international standard ISO 21001 can help higher education institutions demonstrate their commitment to effective quality management of education by introducing an internal quality management system for higher education, monitoring all its processes and periodically reviewing such a management system. Unlike the European Standard, which refers only to the teaching staff, the international standard ISO 21001 sets out the requirements for staff, ensuring the competence and development of staff as a whole, including administration, teaching and support staff, recognizing that all of these employees play an important role in providing a well-functioning institution.

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