administrative responsibility

Administrative offense in the budgetary sphere as a factual grounds administrative responsibility

The legal regulation of administrative responsibility in the budgetary sphere and the signs of offenses to which the socially dangerous, unlawful, guilty act or inactivity of the natural person affecting
relations between the state and the subjects of the budgetary process are investigated. The grounds of administrative responsibility in the budgetary sphere have been determined. The legislative regulation
of administrative responsibility in the budgetary sphere is analyzed. Conclusions have been made and recommendations made

Administrative responsibility for non-compliance of legal requirements of officials of the authorized departments of the National police

The article is devoted to the study of problems of administrative responsibility for nonfulfillment
of the legal requirement of officials of authorized units of the National Police. The
basic approaches to administrative responsibility are analyzed through the analysis of the
terms “legal responsibility”, “administrative responsibility”. The general features of
responsibility for offenses in the investigated area, the features of its fixing in the legislation of
Ukraine are considered. Specific signs of administrative responsibility for non-fulfillment of

Institute of administrative responsibility: problems and prospects of development

The article considers the modern essence of the perception of the institution of
administrative responsibility, analyzes individual views of scientists on the concept and signs of
administrative responsibility. Some problems of the transformation of administrative
responsibility are analyzed and proposals are made to improve the current administrative
legislation on administrative responsibility and the possibilities for its application.

The accuracy of administrative process interpretation by the disputed of legal nature

In the article disputed nature of administrative process is investigational through the prism of analysis of legal relationships of administrative justice and administrative responsibility. Normative regulation and theoretical interpretations of category are analysed “administrative process”.

Harmonization legislation of Ukraine and European Union about administrative responsibility in the area of labor migration

The article deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of regulation of administrative responsibility in the sphere of labor migration. Analyzes of administrative violations in the sphere of labor migration provided by law. We consider some aspects of harmonization of national legislation on administrative responsibility to the legislation of the Member States of the European Union. The identified issues and proposed ways to improve the regulatory framework.

The contents of administrative responsibility for offenses in the sphere of ensuring road safety

The article raised the theoretical aspects of administrative responsibility for offenses in the field of road safety. Analyzes the elements of an administrative offense – object and subject of the offense, the objective and the subjective aspect in the field of road safety and road services in the context of existing legislation. Analyzed scientific views on the issue of administrative responsibility for offenses in the area of road safety from the perspective of the theory of administrative and criminal law.

About the terms and their impact on understanding military administrative offenses

In the article are considered the terms that are part of the explanation of administrative legal relations that take place in the military sphere. The author proposed interpretation of terms “soldier”, “liable for military service”, “military officer”, “reservist” and others.