Adobe Captivate

The systematic approach to organize the preparation аnd the edition of the electronic interactive мultimedia educational literature іn higher education

The formulation of the problem. In modern terms the multimedia and interactivity is the realization of didactics golden rule in the academic literature. However, the creation of such literature is a very complex process that often discourages universities from this direction or leads to release them only pilot edition. After all, the proper system of work organization according to the educational institution specific may succeed in this challenging case in order to interest students in learning subjects and improve the quality of education.

General requirements to interactive exercises ofelectronic textbooks and tutorial for higher education and examples of their implementation in the Аdobe Сaptivate medium

The formulation of the problem For e-books one of the components have become interactive training exercises that help assimilate theoretical course material. According to the teaching of the subject is exercises are usually different. In each topic of one subject teachers can develop the problem of different formulation, a form of representation and the method for solving. But with didactic and some technical questions to interactive exercises and e-books should be set out general requirements.

Вимоги до сучасних електронних навчальних видань і можливості їх реалізації у середовищі Adobe Captivate

Наведено вимоги до сучасних електронних навчальних видань (ЕНВ). Класифіковано типи навчальних матеріалів в електронних навчальних виданнях. Наведено рекомендації із створення ЕНВ, які автор використав для розроблення навчально-методичного комплексу за допомогою середовища Adobe Captivate.