analytical and asymptotic calculation methods

Parameters for calculation of three-dimensional electromagnetic field by asymptotic expansion method

The paper deals with an approximate analytical solution of a three-dimensional problem of the theory of electromagnetic field, which is based on the use of asymptotic expansion under the condition of a strong skin-effect for a field produced by a closed current-carrying loop located near a conducting half-space. It is noted that each member of an asymptotic series is determined with an error, the value of which depends on the value of a small parameter and increases with increasing the index of series member resulting in limited number of its members.

Analytical method of determining the electromagnetic field of standard current pulses flowing near to a conductive object

The mathematical model based on the developed theory of the analytical solving the quasi-stationary tasks of pulse current flowing near to a conductive object with flat surface is introduced. The applied mathematical model includes an approximate solution with the use of asymptotic expansion for computing the intensity of a magnetic and electrical field in the case of transient electro-magnetic processes.