and life and deleuze and literature (Comments to Ukrainian Translation of the Deleuze’s Essay “Literature and Life”)

Gilles Deleuze's “Literature and Life” was published in 1993 in the collection of essays "Critics and Clinique". The essay is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. In the essay, the French philosopher demonstrates his own interpretation of literature and literary process. The text is full of concepts and ideas developed and offered by Deleuze in his previous works: “Proust and Signs”, “Logic of Sense”, “Zola and the Crack-up”, “Anti-Oedipus”, “Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature”, “A Thousand Plateaus”, “and Dialogues”.

Formative classical rationalism in philosophy

In the article the problem of personality in the philosophy of classical rationalism. It was found that in the active practice of human personality is formed and manifested in his work as a subjective being as such i consciously creates its relation to nature and to other people, establishing certain communications and public relations, responsible for their action.