Theory and practice of obtaining composite materials based on polymer blends

The regularities of the thermodynamic compatibility of various industrially produced polyolefins and heterochain polymers and the possibility of obtaining composite materials based on their mixtures with significantly increased performance properties based on existing production facilities and process equipment have been identified.

Structuring of epoxy-oligoester compositions in the presence of peroxidated epoxy resin.

In order to improve the properties of epoxy resins they are modified by the various compounds, in particular oligoesters. Compositions based on ED-20 epoxy resin and unsaturated oligoesters are structured in the presence of polyethylene polyamine (PEPA). The oligoester acts as a plasticizer that is not chemically bounded to the molecules of spatially crosslinked structure. It leads to the deterioration of their physical, mechanical and chemical properties during the working process of film based on epoxy-oligoester compositions.

Historical parallels in the formation of architecture of railway stations in Halychyna and Tyrol

The aim of the given article is to trace the origins of common forms of space and plasticity in railway station buildings in Halychyna (Galicia) and Tyrol and reveal their most important features and trends in their formation.

Оцінка ефективності дії захисного покриття на корозійну стійкість бетону

The thesis is devoted to the development of theoretical bases of the corrosion resistance of concrete by protective coatings on the base of polymethylphenylsiloxane filled with aluminum and zinc oxides. The technological properties of protective coatings compositions were investigated by methods of physical and chemical analysis, methods of the concrete surface coating and form conditions were shown. Determined that the forming matric-oxide structure covering in the process of hardening passpasses behind counting polymerization polymethylphenylsiloxane.

Stylistic evolution of the lviv sculptural and architectural ensembles in the 19th and early 20th centuries

This research is focused on art-stylistic, formative and technological peculiarities of the sculptural works of Lviv from the 19th to early 20 centuries. It analyzes the character of interaction of architecture and sculpture as a phenomenon of the synthesis of spatial arts.

Modern interpretation, composition and features of enterprise managerial reporting formation

Reveals the importance of management accounting in upravlinnni modern enterprise, its
functionality in managerial concepts. The article is devoted to the consideration of some
outstanding scientists approaches to the interpretation and purpose of “managerial reporting”
notion. The expediency of the proposed “intra-corporate managerial reporting” term using is
grounded, in order to reflect the objective of its further using with a view to put into practice
the carried information and meaning. The classification of managerial reporting presented by

Fibrous materials as technological additives in the production of butadiene-styrene rubbers and elastoplastics

Prospects of recycling of waste products of fibrous materials (cotton, viscose, kapron) for obtaining of elastic composite materials are shown by creation of fibre-latex composition with subsequent coagulation and vulcanization of the filled rubber. The optimum contents of the fibre and its length is determined.

Headspace Analysis of Aroma Compounds Using Porous Adsorbents

A novel procedure is developed for the quantitative determination of volatile compounds in the vapour phase over samples. Substances were extracted and preconcentrated from the headspace on porous polymer adsorbents under the conditions of thermodynamic equilibrium, followed by back extraction from the adsorbent using organic solvents. The final monitoring was performed by capillary gas chromatography with an internal standard.