computer graphics

Creation of Graphic Objects Using Discrete Fourier Transform

The system for creating graphic objects using discrete Fourier transform and data transmission during online conferences, lectures, meetings, etc. has been developed. The developed system improves the work of teachers with online boards, as it minimizes delays in the transmission of images. The proposed algorithm can be used to transmit audio signals. The Java Processing language was used to create the system.

Graphic Image Processing Using Floid-Steinberg Algorithm

The system for processing graphic images using the Floyd-Steinberg algorithm has been developed. The developed system helps to smooth images when displayed on devices with different resolutions and different sets of color palettes. Due to the application of the Floyd-Steinberg algorithm, the processed images have minimal distortion during their reproduction. The proposed algorithm can be used to compress and transmit images and audio signals. The system is designed using the Java Processing language.

Іnteractive demonstrations іn information technologies

Introduction. Development of information technologies requires an implementation of interactive demonstrations in the new training courses of modern science. It put forward higher requirements for specialists in different fields of science and makes it necessary to increase the intellectual level of the individual. The essential tool of such training is becoming distance e-learning. It provides development and modernization of new training courses. Therefore, interactive demonstrations could be an essential tool for increasing the quality of education [1].

Алгоритм розміщення фігур на площині з використанням графічного процесора

In research it was developed placement algorithm with usage of graphic processor. Also it was designed and realized system that uses shader domain of graphic processor for speeding-up of placement tasks computations.