Consequences of criminality as constituent of the article of criminology: the state of scientific development of question

The consequences of criminality as part of the article of scientific cognition need the
complex-system study, and in quality of important constituent of theory of criminology, and in
quality of informative base for development of reasonable and rational politics of the state in
the field of a fight against criminality. In a theoretical plan actual are researches of questions
of methodology and methodologies of account of various displays of criminality in life of man,

The influence of morality on mental causes of criminality

The article is an attempt to analyze causes of criminality which result exclusively from the mentality of a person, nation, people. In particular, these include: racial affiliation, religious convictions, level of militancy, feeling of inferiority, envy. The notions of mentality and morality are characterized. The list of basic functions of morality, their content, importance, and influence on mental causes of criminality are elucidated.