Social conditionality of the appropriateness of criminalizing illegal enrichment in Ukraine

The article investigates the connection of the social determinants of the process of criminalizing acts. The main components determining the social precondition of the criminal law are systematized. The content of social, economic, organizational, state-building and European integration factors determining the expediency of criminal liability for illegal enrichment in Ukraine is determined. Emphasizes the increased social danger of illegal enrichment in modern conditions in Ukraine.1.

Legal mistakes in criminal legislation: problems of criminalization and decriminalization

The article is devoted to the investigation of the criminal law enforcement of the norms
on the legal error in the criminal legislation of Ukraine. The analysis of these norms was
carried out according to certain criteria and generalized conclusions were drawn. It is noted
that technical and legal law-making mistakes serve as a weighty argument in favor of the need
for substantial reform or modernization of criminal legislation, correction of mistakes made.
At the heart of these reforms must be a truly new, scientifically sound, which corresponds to