До питання про прискорений вибір значення коефіцієнта кросинговера в задачах передискретизації зображень

 A new method for rapid automatic detection values of crossing-over operations in the of the image preprocessing tasks, which based on the divergence matrix operators. Experimental results shown high resistance of method to image processing with fluctuation of intensity function. Comparing the results of the proposed method with the results for the existing, showed acceleration automatically select the crossover factor that significantly reduces the necessary computing power for its operation. This leads to the possibility of he effective usage in preprocessing of large-size images.

Using genetic algorithms for modelling informational processes

In this article genetic algorithms are considered including their types and practical applications. The scientific works of domestic and foreign researchers have been studied. This article presents methods and examples of solving tasks of data mining for genetic algorithms. The description of main components of models of genetic algorithms is presented. A parallel between biological systems and systems aimed at solving technical problems is drawn. The review and analysis of approaches to modeling of information processes with the use of genetic algorithms is carried out.