cyber-physical system

Wireless sensor-actuator network as a part of the cyber-physical system

The problem of developing wireless sensor-actuator network as a part of the cyber-physical system is considered. The ways of implementation of the wireless connections’ scheme are analyzed. The network structure and algorithms of its operation are proposed. The results of implementation of the sensor and actuator nodes are considered.

Principles of Cyber-Physical Systems Construction for the Needs of Crops Cultivation

On the basis of the hierarchical structure of a typical cyber-physical system and main stages of crops cultivation, the list of the subsystems necessary for the creation of such a system is considered. The structures and recommendations for these systems are expounded, and the generalized structural scheme of the given cyber-physical system is described issuing from the four main objects of the research: seeding material, soil, intermediate harvest benefits, harvesting, stocking or primary processing.

Digital Interfaces in Cyber-Physical Systems

The analysis of structural solutions of autonomous measuring-computing nodes (AMCN) Ethernet – oriented cyber-physical systems (CPS) have been conducted. The possibility of using the standard industrial sensors and actuators with low-speed serial ports in them have been showned. General basis of telecommunication subsystems has been given. The basic options of realization of telecommunications subsystems have been proposed and the recommendations about choosing a concrete decision by the criterion of necessary computing power for primary data processing.


The accuracy of temperature difference meters depends on technological parameters of controlled processes. The meters of temperature difference can be constructed for operation in a wider temperature range. Their accuracy is determined by the non-identity of the sensors transformation functions.


Acceptance of the correct decision in the agro-production control system to great extent depends on the degree of reliability of environmental information. These issues become quite important while monitoring production which involves the products cultivation on environmentally friendly soils. Monitoring of soil parameters includes the primary state, recording of changes, their evaluation and management.

Підходи до побудови концептуальних моделей кіберфізичних систем

Approaches to the construction of conceptual models of cyber-physical systems are considered. A generalized scheme of interaction between the CPS and its environment is proposed. The set of basic CPS components is defined. The organization of CPS components functioning is considered. The corresponding conceptual model is proposed. The definition of the contour of interaction between CPS and physical processes is provided. The conceptual model of the contours of interaction is proposed. The problem of matching CPS interaction with the physical processes is considered.

Computer Devices Automatic Synthesis as a Service for FPGA-Based Smart-Sensors of Cyber-Physical Systems

Present paper is dedicated to the problems of studying and developing the theoretical and methodological framework, algorithmic base and corresponding software means to organize and realize the automatic synthesis of computer devices in the reconfigurable hardware platforms of the smart-sensors in cyber-physical systems with no human assistance.

Satellite Scientific Data Collection and Accumulation system as a Basis for Cyber-Physical Systems Construction

The paper reviews technologies of computer systems the development of which has led to the emergence of cyber-physical systems – there are embedded computer systems, open systems interconnection model, multilayer computer systems, wireless communications, microelectromechanical systems, data protection technologies. It is noted that there are computer systems exist, whose parameters are close to those of cyber-physical systems ones, there are also groups of developers who have experience of in such systems designing. The satellite scientific data collection and

Security of Cyber-Physical Systems from Concept to Complex Information Security System

A conception of multilevel complex security system (CSS) of cyber-physical systems (CPS) was developed; dimensional model of information-technology state (ITS) was proposed; informational model of CSS cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – sensors” was created; software of symmetric block data encryption of “Kalyna” algorithm was realized.

Telecommunication subsystems of cyber-physical systems

This paper presents the analysis of structural solutions of autonomous measurement and computing nodes in Ethernet-centric cyber-physical systems. The possibility of using in them standard industrial sensors and actuators with low-speed serial ports was demonstrated. The general principles of building of telecommunication subsystems was proposed. Considered a few basic embodiments of telecommunication subsystems and formulated recommendations for choosing a specific decision by the criterion of necessary computing power for data preprocessing.