Legal policy of the state (theoretical and legal analysis)

The article presents a theoretical and legal analysis of the concept of legal policy. It is positioned as the main type of policy in general, because through it there is a state-volitional direction of state development in all spheres of public relations. It is generalized that the legal policy of civilized peoples must comply with the axiological principles of the rule of law, democracy, humanism, legality, coherence of the interests of the individual, society and state, and so on.

. Subject matter of legal comparativity and problems of definition of definitions

The article analyzes the subject of legal comparative studies and the problems of defining definitions. The theoretical and practical significance of the scientific analysis of legal definitions is analyzed, in particular in the subject of legal comparative studies. The role and specificity of legal comparative studies in the system of legal sciences is investigated. Legal comparative studies are also analyzed as a complex legal science.