The issue of industrial water treatment and food waste disposal is particularly relevant, especially for the alcohol industry. The problem of wastewater treatment and waste accumulation in the process of alcohol production is due to high chemical and biological oxygen demand, specific colour and odour, a large number of suspended substances, low pH. Therefore, the choice of promising wastewater treatment technologies is of paramount importance to ensure the ecological safety of the environment.

Diversification of foreign economic activities of domestic carpet market enterprises

At the present stage of dynamic development of the world economy, active processes of interpenetration of technologies and capital, expansion of economic relations, economic entities are increasingly faced with various socio-economic challenges. In view of this, the role of foreign economic activity is increasing not only for economic entities, but also for the country as a whole, since all systemic transformations of the economy affect the characteristic features of the development of the specified sphere of activity.

Mechanism of crime: scientific and methodological analysis of definition

In the article, based on a systematic approach, a scientific and methodological analysis of the definition of the mechanism of combating crime as a multilevel hierarchical system is made. It is noted that each level of construction is determined by its own set of elements, which can be traced by considering the counteraction of crime in those aspects, which reflect the side social processes and corresponding forms of criminological influence with their characteristic mods (methods, means, methods).

Efficiency of the Organization of the Government Service and Its Implementation in the Public Governance System

The issues of efficiency and rational organization of the civil service as an object of research of  domestic  and  foreign  scientists  and  practitioners, international      non-governmental       organizations              are considered. Key factors of influence of the global and national  social  environment  are  analyzed  with  the emphasis on their influence on the level of effective functioning and construction of the civil service system.


The analysis of the efficiency of six types of slabs has been carried out, which differed in material, internal form and weight. The comparison and the comparison of the same in size, but different in constructive characteristics and materials of floor slabs are considered and performed.

Computer testing as innovative tool of measuring knowledge of english

In today's active development of information space a global problem appears the education – the quality and relevance of educational information. One way to solve this problem is to use information technology with the latest developments in the computer industry in the educational process. It is clear that computer technology can intensify the learning process, change the overall organization of training and pass from group classes and forms of knowledge control to the individual, automated.

Evaluation efficiency of information provision of innovative projects

Under the effectiveness of information provision of innovative projects should be understood as the optimum correlation between the result of using system of information provision and the spending for it’s purchase, installation, workpiece, exploitation as well as the correspondence of functional characteristics to the defined purpose and objectives. Today there is no single unified approach to evaluation the effectiveness of the implementation of information provision, as there is no industry standard information provision.

Expansion of technological possibilities of zinc-milling lining machines for cutting of conical wheels on the basis of radial-circular method

The paper presents a new method bevel gears cutting. It’s based on the radial-circular generating gear teeth method. Gear cutter is a simple thin mill disc and a process implements a gear cutting machine with the gear rotation. The cutting conditions and parameters in bevel gears machining are calculated. The advantages of the method and the possibility of it’s application are proven.