energy saving


It is shown that solving the problem of energy saving of housing and public objects use is possible due to the growth of production and use of aerated concrete as an effective insulation material, which ensures the implementation of the concept of sustainable development of Ukraine. Analysis of the data of the Ukrainian Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Producers Association has shown that the demand for aerated concrete constantly increases, and the growth of its production is about 40–45 %.

Computer-Aided System for Monitoring and Planning of Actions to Increase Machine-Building Enterprises Energy Efficiency

The article describes mathematical model of analyses the energy use costs efficiency (depending on the type and volume of products produced by the machine-building enterprise, the consumption of certain types of energy resources and their use in specific production processes, etc.). Methodology and mathematical model of the plan for modernization of industrial production energy-consuming processes has been developed.


An important priority of the economic policy of Ukraine is the careful use of energy. Therefore, a large-scale energy saving policy is being implemented in the country, and energy efficiency objectives are comprehensive and cover both the legislative framework and technical innovations. A large amount of energy is spent on creating an indoor microclimate in industrial rooms. One of the effective ways to reduce energy consumption for cheling needs is to carry out the thermal modernization of the air conditioning system.

Energy Saving from Tap Water Home Treatment Devices

Water is the only liquid used in human eating which presents different production and transportation processes. All the alimentary liquids, in fact, need production and sanification processes in controlled environments and transportation on carriers. On the other hand, besides more simple production processes, water can rely both on distribution networks and transportation on carriers. In the last years, bottled water consumption greatly increased not only for healthy needs but also for non-essential ones.

Energy Efficiency of Refrigerating Ejector Systems for the Condensation of Oil Product Liquid Hydrocarbons

The oil processing enterprises are the largest consumers of fuel and energy resources, heat and electrical energy. Efficiency, rationality of their use in oil refining processes in many respects is defined by overall performance of processing equipment. Feature of processes for processing a hydrocarbon raw material is that technology processes are imperfect. One of the priority directions of increase in efficiency of energy saving of oil processing productions is the maximum use of recuperation of warmth and optimization of operating modes of technology installations.