Aim. Study of the kinetics of erosive destruction of valve seal elements during the flow of working media with high energy parameters. Method. The object of research is the locking and regulating elements of the valve seal, namely the valve and seat. The model of hydro-erosion wear of the destruction of these elements was constructed. This describes a complex of structural parameters of shut-off knots, as well as parameters that reflect the physical properties of the working medium and the material of the valve-seat pair.

Determination of Hydro-Erosion Wear Coefficient for Sealing Elements of Pipeline Fittings

A model of hydro-erosion wear of sealing elements was constructed taking into account a set of parameters that reflect the physical properties of the fluid and the material of the sealing elements, as well as the design parameters of the valves. To determine the dependence of the rate of erosion wear on a complex of parameters, we use the π-theorem of similarity and the method of dimension analysis. An expression is given that determines the change in the thickness of the erosive fracture of the sealing surfaces in time.

About the suitability of karst on potash and rock salt deposits by electric methods

Research conducted within Kalush-Golinskii potassium salt deposit. The analysis of symmetry systematic approach errors in the geological interpretation is directed. As a result of interpretation revealed that erosion solt mirrors has  flat character and should be taken into account in predicting the day surface subsidence. The authors proposed new original approaches to complex interpretation of these methods for mapping geological section.

Application of mathematical morphology methods in terms of erosive processes research using aerial photography materials

Object of study. Planned distribution establishment of erosive “spots” of the agricultural lands is based on the processing of binary images of aerial photographic materials using morphological and planimetric methods of analysis. Methodology. Offered methodology is based on the non-linear operators’ application.

Research about gravel and pebble mass transfer in the riverbed of river Stryj according to the geodetic monitoring

On the basis of geodesic pretentious novelties the transversal types of river-bed are built r. Stryj, nearbyс. Stryj. The analysis of results of supervisions is given by possibility to draw conclusion about the processes of transfer and accumulation gravel the masses in a river-bed and lower lyinga valley Stryj.