European Union law

Principles of legal regulation of public procurementsin the European Union

This article discusses the principles of legal regulation of public procurement in theEuropean Union for adaptation into national legislation in terms of reforming publicadministration and development of the information society. Analyzes the principles oftransparency, proportionality, transparency, mutual recognition, fairness, objectivity, theminimum value of the position of the Court in the context of the EU principle of transparency128of public authorities in the EU member states and implementation of information andcommunication technologies.

European Union law integration impact on legal frameworks of itsmember states

The article defines the meaning of integrated national legal frameworks of European Union member states analysing doctrinal principles of supremacy and direct force of European Union law. It proves that ensuring total supremacy of law European Union guarantees its precedence so that national laws and regulations do not contradict or defeat standards of European Union law.