генетичний алгоритм

Construction of Empirical Models of Complex Oscillation Processes with Non-Multiple Frequencies Based on the Principles of Genetic Algorithms

A method for constructing the empirical models of complex processes has been developed on the basis of genetic algorithms which, compared to the inductive method of self-organization of models, significantly reduces computer time for their implementation. An approach has been used that allows a complex model to be considered as a composition of three components, i.e. a linear trend, an oscillatory component with non-multiple frequencies and a regression equation which simplifies the process of building complex models.

Застосування генетичного алгоритму для проектування гібридних сховищ даних

Описано застосування генетичного алгоритму до проектування гібридних сховищ даних. 

Дослідження та розроблення генетичних алгоритмів та операторів схрещування

Розроблено генетичний алгоритм та оператор схрещування. Запропоновано застосування генетичних алгоритмів і операторів схрещування для розв’язання складних оптимізаційних задач. Виконані експерименти показують ефективність запропонованого генетичного алгоритму й оператора схрещування.

The Problem of Optimal Tasks Processing in Nodes of the Distributed Information System

The problem of optimal processing tasks in the nodes of a distributed information system on the basis of a mathematical model belonging to a class of two-clustering problems, for which an optimization problem with a fractional linear target function is formulated, was investigated.

Genetic Algorithm Application for Synthesis and Analysis of Electromechanical Systems

One of modern possible problem solutions of analysis and synthesis in electromechanical systems is the recourse to a genetic algorithm as a method of artificial intelligence. The originality of the proposed approach lies in the usage of fractional order models to solve the above-mentioned problem. The quality function is proposed to be used in the developed algorithms for analysis and synthesis procedures of electromechanical systems. It is also proposed to get the desired outcome of results deviation from the set values by means of quality function control after each iteration.

Complex Optimization Method of Routing Information Flows in Self-organized Networks

Modified routing algorithms are presented based on basic meta-heuristic algorithms: ant colony optimization, genetic and simulated annealing to determine the best route for information flows in self-organized networks. An ant colony optimization is based on the use of the probability parameter for the transition between the nodes located between the source node and the receiving node. To solve the problem of optimization of routing in a simulated annealing, its modification is proposed by adding or removing a transit node based on the coverage of the reaching range of neighboring nodes.

The system of optimization tourism routes based on modification of generic and ant algorithms

The article offers operators use a modified initialization and ant crossing and genetic algorithms to solve the transport problem in tourism. By analyzing the behavior of ant colonies, such as finding the shortest route through the provision of pheromone function and crossing two solutions genetic algorithm developed methods and algorithms such operations: search for the optimal route, costing resources, search distance, time, route, storing executed routes. In the present work description created system for mobile phones operating system IOS, which performs all above listed transactions.

Design plan travel route on the basis of conduct colony of bees

In the article the modified paradigm of bee colonies for hiking trails through the solution of combinatorial problems on graphs: the selection in the column independent subset of vertices of maximum pairing in column coloring graph, click in the selection box are studied. Based on the analysis of behavioral models of self colony of bees, methods and mechanisms of formation of the ideas are developed, the formation of combinatorial problems on graphs is discussed. Methods of forming search space are studied. Position in the search space is represented as an ordered list.

Use adaptive ontology during modeling the Boyd loop

This paper deals with the model of Boyd loop developed on the basis of Moore automaton. The states of the machine are represented by phases of Boyd loop, by ontology editing process and by search of relevant information in the ontology. Possible transitions between states of the machine parameters have been determined and thus transmitted. The fabricated machine serves as the basis for building tactical units DAFU by DSS commanders