geophysical researches

About necessity of the complexing geophysical methods in natural and industrial karst investigation (the example of salt deposits in Precarpathians)

The optimum complex of geophysical research methods (gravimetry, PIEMPZ, VEZ, ZS) to iden­tify unstable areas associated with the development of natural and anthropogenic karst is present. An interpretation of the results, based on a complex calculation using an integrated option - features a comprehensive index (PCF), which is consistent with the criterion for karst hazard. The 3D models of the distribution of probability criterion for karst hazard individual sections of the mine fields.

Determination of location of the historical objects using photogrammetric methods and methods of non-destructive ground research

The aim of the research was to determine the territory of the mass graves near Ralivka village (Lviv region) using  archival data and to display them on modern maps. To define the place of mass executions and burials from the World War II period applying ground geophysical methods on the locations pre-defined from the archival aerial images obtained by the Germans in 1944. Methods.