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The system model of topographic mapping in the national spatial data infrastructure in Ukraine

The article proposes a new development concept of topographic mapping in Ukraine. The goal. It is based on the implementation of a new system model that responds to the geoinformation approach to topographic mapping in the development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and provides the creation of geospatial data sets in the form of databases and knowledge bases based on existing standards and specifications: series of International Standards ISO 19100 “Geographic information/Geomatics”, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGS), INSPIRE, National Standards of Ukraine (D

Geoinformation technology of the master plan geospecial profile data sets development

Purpose. The purpose of the research is development of an object-oriented geoformation model of settlements master plans geospatial profile data sets. The topicality of the research is due to the need to meet the current requirements of the legislation on the development of geospatial profile data sets as, considering the importance part of master plan documentation of increasing the level of automation and level of master plan digital data quality for their further effective use in the urban cadastre system. Methodology.