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The article deals with analyzing the process of research products commercialization at higher education institutions in Ukraine and certain developed foreign countries. The process of research products commercialization at Ukrainian higher education institutions is observed as a reasonable and necessary way for increasing their financial potential. The authors study and analyze different techniques and ways of research products commercialization used by foreign higher education institutions. Some problems of research products commercialization in Ukraine are identified.

University Policy as an Object of Harmonious Development and State Regulation

The article proposes the concept of harmonious development and state regulation of the activities of higher education institutions with the aim of its adaptation in the system of higher education in Ukraine. The preconditions that lead to the development and introduction of a qualitatively new way of development of higher education are outlined. The main characteristics of the harmonious path of development are presented. As an example, the harmonious functioning of the Shanghai International Studies University is considered.

Organizational innovation in managing a modern higher education institution

In the modern university decision-making processes are becoming more complex. Higher education institution functions as an enterprise, it should be remembered that efficient operation of such an institution depends on its effectiveness.

The article presents examples of implementation of selected management methods, which are organizational innovation in higher education: quality management system according to ISO 9001, Balanced Scorecard, Navigator.

Motivational aspects of creating innovative start-ups on the platform of higher educational institutions

The article proves that in Ukraine the conditions are created for the formation of start-ups on the platform of universities. It is proved that all participants of start-ups – companies, firms, universities, teachers, students etc. – have a clear motivation. The recommendations are made on the basis of research for legislative consolidation of some elements motivating the innovation process. The methods are obtained for creating and managing start-ups on the platform of Universities at the present stage of Ukrainian economy development. 

The formation of national self-awareness as an important factor of patriotism in the future workers of law enforcement agencies

The actual problems of national self-awareness forming as an important factor of patriotism in the future students and cadets of higher education institutions of Ukraine are considered. The future law enforcement officers, on whom the state and society will put the responsibility for providing stable public order and public safety, the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine.