historical museum

National historic and cultural heritage in the system of historical memory and challenges of modern globalization

The article is devoted to theoretical substantiation of sociohumanitarian transformations, their threats and opportunities in modern globalizational conditions of Ukrainian society’s development. Attention is paid to the role and significance of national historical and cultural heritage to form consolidational potential of objective historical memory and its use in cultural and educational sphere and international activity.

History Museum as a Factor of Reconciliation and Public Dialogue

In the research on historical memory it has been established that manipulation of reminiscences and memory became a most powerful tool in managing of individual and social consciousness. Conflicts of historical memory in a society are always dangerous because they threaten with destabilization, disintegration. The most controversial problems of collective memory of the Ukrainian people and their neighbors relate to history of the XX century, especially the World War II and its manipulations causes a deeper social conflict, destabilizes social situation.