The article discusses the results of the research on the topic of Christian education development in Ukraine in XI–XXI centuries and mentions the architectural and typological array of buildings and complexes that were used to conduct the educational process, including theological school of pre-Christian times, monastic school, theological school for the upper class, parochial school, large theological school, episcopal school, cathedral school, brotherhood school, theological seminary, theological academy, and theological university. 

British illustrated periodicals of the end of XIX - beginning of XX century: demand and supply

The research paper analyzes the history of British illustrated periodicals of the late XIX — early XX century. Illustrated periodicals and newspapers both demand and supply features in the mass media market is explored. The proposed typology for illustrated print media is made according to the genre specifics and target audience of readers.

H. V. Leibnic – anoutstandind thinker of western-european science and cu hure (devoted to 300-years since death)

The article deals with some scientific, philosophical, socially-legal, religious concepts of brilliant German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz made a huge contribution to the organization and creation of scientific institutions in English, Italy, Germany, Russia and France. Due to his scientific and theoretical creativity he was ahead of his time, formulated the ideas that formed the basis of many modern sciences.

Preservation and promotion of historical memory of the activities of the Ukrainian Army 1917-1921 (on the example of the military formation of Sichovykh Strilʹtsiv)

This article deals with the formation and preservation of memories about Sich Riflemen military force by its founders and leaders. It is noted that the recording, compilation and analysis of information about activities of riflemen began in the years of active armed warfare. This also concerns the publication of these works. These sources contain enough accurate information about the Sich Riflemen and the events that took place during the Ukrainian National Revolution of 1917–1919.