Administrative and legal regulation of insurance as a type of enterprise activity

The article is devoted to the study of insurance as an entrepreneurial activity, which is a
professional protection of property interests of individuals and legal entities, at the expense of
which funds are formed cash funds intended to cover material losses associated with the onset
of certain events. An efficient, financially stable insurance system protects the society from
many social shocks, stimulates business activity, improves the investment climate, contributing
to economic growth in the state as a whole.

Financial flows in the field of insurance

The introduction of an insurance culture in Ukraine should be based on theoretical studies in this area. The authors carried out a certain review of Ukrainian scientific publications devoted to the development of the insurance market, the analysis of the state of insurance and insurance companies, historical experience and comparative analysis of insurance activities of Ukrainian and foreign insurers. This allowed us to formulate a proposal for a research typology and supplement it.

Інтелектуальна підсистема функціонування інтернет-системи страхування автотранспорту

In given article processes of functioning and architecture of an intellectual subsystem of functioning of Internet system of insurance of motor transport are described.