intellectual property

The rights of intellectual property to scientific-pedagogical activities and their protection

The article deals with the situation in the field of intellectual property in Ukraine, discloses the concept of objects of intellectual activity and copyright, justifies the need to protect the intellectual activity of scientific and pedagogical workers, outlines further trends in the protection of received results of intellectual activity, proposed the creation of an effective system of legal regulation of intellectual activity scientific and pedagogical workers.

Crimes in the field of intellectual property and their definitions

The violations in the field of intellectual property are considered. Characterized the
main signs of the circulation of intellectual property. Measures to detect offenses in the field of
intellectual property are determined. The order of the controlled delivery and controlled
purchase of counterfeit goods is outlined.

Intellectual property: criminal and legal aspects of research

The article is devoted to the consideration of the state of criminal-legal research of intellectual property, which today is the most valuable capital of the state, since the transformation of intellectual achievements into competitive products has contributed to the creation of innovative models of economies in many economically developed countries.

Judicial examination of objects of intellectual property, as one of sources of proofs in criminal realization

The question of concept and maintenance of realization of judicial examination  is considered in the field of intellectual property during pre-trial investigation. The order of realization of judicial examination  is described in the field of intellectual property. The basic types of over judicial  examinations  are brought in the field of intellectual property. The task of judicial expert is outlined at  investigational objects of intellectual property.

Аналіз об’єктів, що можуть бути торговими марками: види, класи, захист

The article presents an overview of existing types of trademarks. In the article the classification of objects that can be registered as trademarks is presented. Author displays the approximate formula for calculating the cost of a trademark. The comparative analysis of trademarks in Ukraine and abroad is made.

Вільний програмний продукт – структурна складова інтелектуального капіталу суспільства

This article explores the concept of intellectual capital. As an example of implementing intellectual capital in the material object is considered a computer program. Analyzed the theoretical and practical aspects of protection of computer programs as intellectual property. Proposed options for the protection of computer programs according to different types of licenses, for a example “Creative Commons”.

Operatively-search exposure of the crimes, related to making, importation and distribution of dangerous food products

A question is considered in relation to the exposure of the crimes in the field of intellectual property, related to distribution of audiovisual products of pirate goods and computer software. The basic methods of feasanceof such crimes and source of receipt of information are described about them. The process of exposure of the marked crimes that is accomplished by subjects that make is outlined, recreate, export, import, keep or will realize the marked products.

Determination of administrative offenses in the field ofintellectual property

The article covers an issue of determination of certain conditions and reasons (grounds) that encourage administrative violations and stimulate the adoption of preventive measures by separate state bodies in the field of intellectual property rights. Besides, it is accentuated on the designation in a process of administrative violations determination of functional, statistic and links of reason.