The article is devoted to the research and substantiation of the author 's theory of interaction in innovation processes. The author   proved the need to revise the provisions of modern theories in modern conditions, as they complicate the possibilities and lead to inefficiency of use for the implementation of innovation processes at different levels. The development of the innovation process was determined by the indicators of interaction between the stages and participants of innovation.

Principles of interaction of state government and opposition in Ukraine: the constitutional-legal aspect

The article analyzes the principles of interaction between state power and opposition, focuses on the content and nature of each. The authors’ proposals on their legislative fixing and regulatory regulation of mechanisms for their implementation are provided. It is noted that the legal and factual conditions for the peaceful coexistence of state power and opposition are the benchmark for assessing the democratic maturity of any political system.


The article substantiates the expediency of revising and changing the paradigm of the innovation process based on the priority of the component interaction. The need for such a revision is driven by the acceleration of globalization processes, the change in the concept of partnership in innovation, the transformation of the principles of meeting consumer demands and the creation of new consumer value.

Classification of Factors Determining the Necessity for Searching of a Partner Within Innovative Activities

In the article the authors substantiated the connection between the indicators of innovation activity efficiency and indicators of innovation cooperation in the course of innovation processes. The importance of research into the problems of forming systems of interaction in Ukraine has been proved. The advantages for the formation of systems of interaction in innovation, the goals of the formation of systems of interaction in different temporal dimensions and the principles of cooperation have been identified.

Problems of legal regulation of interaction of public authorities and opposition in modern Ukraine

The article analyzes problems of legal regulation of interaction between state power andopposition. The attention is drawn to the potential constitutional and legislative forms ofinteraction between the government and the opposition. The authors’ suggestion sonsolvingproblems of interaction of state power and oppositioninUkraine are presented

Legacy of the World Educational Space and Its Influence on the Interaction of Education and Culture

The article analyzes interaction of the educational system and culture during the process of world educational space development. Versatile influence of the world educational space on the creation of a new educational and cultural reality, in which take place self-realization of the individual, enhancement of the dialogue of cultures and preservation of national and cultural peculiarities is theoretically grounded.

The satisfaction of the public authorities interaction in the field of the automotive service of population in Ukraine

The article analyzes theoretical and applied aspects of interaction between local authorities and local self-government bodies in the context of transport services of passengers by public transport. From the position of administrative law, the regulatory and legal framework for the provision of transport services by local government bodies and local self- government bodies is analyzed, directions of interaction.

Administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the sphere of national security

The article deals with the administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the field of national security. The subjects of administrative-legal maintenance of national security in Ukraine, their tasks and service are considered. Legal means, forms and methods of the activity of bodies of national security, their interaction are studied.

Police cooperation Ukraine and the European Union – legal aspects

Forming legal space on law enforcement Ukraine on cooperation with the European Police Office in the efficiency of combating crime within the jurisdiction of European law enforcement agencies. Analyzed legal acts regulating legal relations in the sphere of interaction of information systems, information and telecommunication networks, information and personal data.