Administrative and legal regulation of the behavior of individual categories of persons in social networks

The article analyzes the state of legal regulation of information placement on social networks by public officials. It is noted that social networks have become the standard channel of social communication between people. Public officials use social networks as one of the most powerful tools in communication with citizens and among themselves, as well as a platform for discussing important socio-political issues and discussions. This situation requires proper legal regulation of the behavior of the relevant persons on social networks.

Relations in the network Internet how to object legal regulation

The article is devoted to the study of legal regulation of social relations in the Internet. The legislative regulation of the Internet as a special informational space and as a technological network is analyzed. Different approaches and classification peculiarities of legal regulation of the Internet as a technological network and as a special environment in which communicative relations are implemented are described. Determined the leading role of the state in regulating the Internet and establishing legislative provision, while the importance of self-regulatory relations.


In times of intense competition on the media, every editorial online media is constantly searching for the best selling method of its information product. Every editor of the online 82 media is think about the question: as soon as possible and best to deliver the publication to the audience and encourage them to read, but at the same time adapting to the needs of each reader. There are many tools for promoting media products on the Internet, and every year they improve and change, and appear new tools promotion media on the internet.

The main stages of the life cycle of the formation of student communities of universities

Virtual communities become an extremely popular phenomenon, and every day their number becomes larger, develop existing community. Rapid development gain communities formed around universities. Mainly this is the student community, designed for the exchange of abstracts, of course, information about organization of educational process, reviews about the teachers. Unfortunately, less community representation of the university on the Internet.

Implementation of electronic learning in Dragomanov NPU

The effectiveness of using modern software and Internet technologies during the usual learning in higher education was considered in that topic. Basic teaching issues, which arising in the focused five general stages of the learning process, were determined. Solutions for these issues were found using of ICT and software (MS PowerPoint, VBA, Virtual Dub, Microsoft Mouse Mischief, Camtasia Studio, Moodle, Apple Podcasting, Skype, ooVoo, Open meeting etc.). Assessment of its application as compared with traditional methods of learning was implemented. 

Historiographical Aspects of the Use of Information and Communication Potential of the Ukrainian Blogosphere for Historical and Cultural studies

The article reveals the history of formation, current state and peculiarities of the development of the Ukrainian blogosphere. The author analyzes the types of blogs and describes the source-study potential of  the  blogosphere  for historical and cultural studies. The content of new online projects, which contains important information about contemporary history and culture, raises up-to-date historical and cultural issues.

The role of social media in the young consumers market – case study for Poland and Germany

This text aims to present the general characteristics of the Internet and social media in Poland and Germany, taking into account the group of young consumers. Background to this observation are the characteristic of young consumers, in particular their role in the market. The purpose of the authors is also to show the role played by the Internet and social media in the market of young consumers.

Інтелектуальна система аналізу результатів пошуку та просування сайтів у пошукових системах

In the article propose method and mechanism of functioning the intellectual analysis of search results and website promotion in search engines.