Концептуальна модель інформаційної системи розкладу занять з доступом через HTTP-протокол

We consider a model of information system schedule institution and organization work with it via HTTP-protocol. Analysis of queries that the user can create, rational choice and optimization to create tables and relationships between them. Study limitations that arise when designing the structure of such bases, requirements for integrity and consistency of data.

Моделювання Web-орієнтованих систем та напрямки розвитку Web-ресурсів

In this article is a typical example of coordination web-systems. The main problems that arise when building an effective web-sites and approaches to solving these problems. In particular, studies key performance indicators defined sites and methods for improvement. Analyzes the trends of development of information systems that are based on web-technology. Formulated main approaches to implementation of web-technologies. The structural-functional model of software system for designing web-oriented systems and by a description of structural modules that are part of it.

Case on the dissemination of information on the internet: contradictions judicial practice

The relevant jurisprudence European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice and domestic courts on the dissemination of information on the Internet is analyzed in the article. Certain differences in approach of the courts to resolve disputes of this category is noted. It is emphasized that the position of the higher courts about the possibility of liability of
the owner for the site posted comments on it generally meets the legal position of the European Court of Human Rights.

Design process automation system seo-optimization

This paper analyzes the background of the process of SEO-optimization, carried description of the main types of services provided to businesses with promotion of internet resources and analyzes the main stages of SEO. The methodological basis for building an automated system optimization and Seo-formulated conclusions on the possibility of its design using modern programming technologies.