legal regulation

Normative-legal and organizational support of staffing of the State criminal enforcement service of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the research of normative-legal and organizational support of staffing of the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine. The normative legal support of the process of staffing of the institutions and bodies of the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine is analyzed.

State unity and the territorial integrity of Ukraine as objects of legal supply

The influence of legal regulation on the state unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine is
investigated. It is determined that the sovereignty of Ukraine extends over the whole territory, the
territorial structure is based on the principles of unity and integrity of the state territory within the
existing borders. State unity and integrity of the state territory means that the constituent parts of the
state are inextricably interconnected, characterized by internal unity. Territorial unity and integrity

The rights of intellectual property to scientific-pedagogical activities and their protection

The article deals with the situation in the field of intellectual property in Ukraine, discloses the concept of objects of intellectual activity and copyright, justifies the need to protect the intellectual activity of scientific and pedagogical workers, outlines further trends in the protection of received results of intellectual activity, proposed the creation of an effective system of legal regulation of intellectual activity scientific and pedagogical workers.

Implementation of international legal standards of local democracy in the process of decentralization of local authorities in Ukraine

The article analyzes the problematic moments of the implementation of international legal requirements in the system of implementation of the national state educational policy. The analysis of the separate legal acts, which form the basis of international and European standards, with the aim of their implementation in the Ukrainian legislation, in particular in the aspect of decentralization of public authority on the ground.

Questions of status of “non-regular” children

The article analyzes the status of children born with the help of the newest methods of reproduction (“non-traditional children”), in particular concerning the challenges associated with their socialization in social reality. It turns out that the status of such children is closely  linked to family-legal relations. The nature of the family in our society has changed over the past decades as a result of significant socio-economic changes.

Legal regulation of the judicial-medical examination of alcohol and drug addiction in driversof vehicles

The legal regulation of conducting of forensic examination of alcohol and drug
intoxication in drivers of vehicles was investigated, the procedure for detecting signs of
alcohol, narcotic or other intoxication by law enforcement officers and their health workers,
characterizing and comparing the procedural actions.
It has been established that the state of intoxication, regardless of its degree, does not
relieve a person of criminal responsibility. This position of the law is of fundamental

On the legal regulation of the activity of the penitentiary institutions concerning the implementation of judicial decisions

The article unveils the meaning of the regulatory legal act as the most common source of law in Ukraine, gives the general description of legitimate and subordinate regulatory legal provisions which regulate the activity of the penitentiary institutions concerning the implementation of judicial decisions.

Purpose of modern legal policy of higher education

The article deals with the problems of educational policy. Particular attention is focused on established policy goals in the field of high education. We consider education policy as part of humanitarian government policy. The analysis of regulation of educational relations the current development of state is held.

The human right to education in association Ukraine and the European Union: the essence and principles

The article deals with the issue of legislative regulation of the right to education. The analysis of national and international normative acts regarding consolidation of the right to education, the problems of reforming education in the context of the Association of Ukraine and the European Union. Consider optimizing the organization and conduct of research and common approaches to educational reform aimed at innovative character of education.