legal status

Forced migration: international standards of internally displaced persons in the national legislation

The article addresses the problem of compliance of national legislation with international
standards regarding the protection of rights and interests of internally displaced persons,
dwells upon the differentiation of international standards regarding internally displaced
persons and refugees, substantiates the need for a cross-section of international law in the
national legislation of each country to ensure a maximally consistent approach in designation
of rights and freedoms of all persons in a democratic society.

Civil responsible in criminal proceedings

The article deals with issues related to elucidation of some aspects of the legal status of a
civil defendant as a participant (subject) of criminal proceedings. The participation of persons
in criminal proceedings requires a clear knowledge of the rights and obligations of each
participant in these relations, since within the framework of this proceeding activity is carried
out which may result in bringing the person to criminal liability that will result in a certain

The legal status of the system of ukrainian courts as the subjects of jurisdictional relations

The article pays attention to crucial aspects of the amendments of the Constitution of Ukraine (concerning justice) in the context of the court system authority. It determines positive and negative approaches in the course of implementation of judicial reform. The article analyses the ways of improvement of constitutional novelties regarding each subject in particular.

Lviv polytechnic: genesis changes in the context of national educational policy and legal status (1816–2016 years)

The bicentennial way of Lviv Polytechnic is considered in the context of changes in the national educational policy of several states – imperial Austrian, interwar Poland, the USSR and Ukraine. It is noted that the school used different legal status, and, therefore, the rights of self-government (or the lack of them).

To the question of legal limitations of convict as the element of there legal status

The article is sanctified to the analysis of concept and structural elements of the legal status of convict. Separate attention on legal limitations of them is turned. Questions related to its essence and legal grounds of selection in quality of independent element of the legal status of convict are considered. It is well-proven that strong reasons are not for such selection.

Problems of the international treaties of Ukraine legal status in the system of the constitutional law of Ukraine sources

The main problems of the legal status of international treaties in the system of sources of
constitutional law in Ukraine are determines. Forms of interaction between constitutional law
and international treaties of Ukraine are anlyzed. The problems of the legal force of
international treaties that are not ratified by the parliament of Ukraine are determined