materials HfNi1-xCoxSn

Study of thermoelectric material Hf Ni1-x CO x Sn

The electron energy state, magnetic and transport characteristics of thermometric materials HfNi1-xCoxSn were investigated in the T = 80 ¸ 400 K temperature range and at charge carriers concentration from Co » 9,5×1019 NA см-3 ( x = 0,005 )÷ 5,7 ×1021 см-3 ( x = 0,30 ) and H £ 10 kGs. The material HfNi1-xCoxSn is sensitive to the temperature change and could be used as the basis for the sensitive thermoelectric devices. We investigated the crystal structure, electron density of states (DOS) and the kinetic and energy characteristics of n-HfNiSn heavily doped with the Co impurity.