mathematical and computer modeling

Mathematic and computer modeling of cohesion effect forces on spatial deformation processes of soil massif

The article presents the modeling and solving of the deformation processes problem of the soil massif under the forces of cohesion effect.  Spatial deformation processes of soil massif are described by the components of displacements, by normal and tangential stresses, and by strains.  Also, the corresponding boundary value problem includes the mass and heat transfer equations in a soil massif.  The functions of cohesion forces in the soil are considered that have linear, quadratic and logarithmic dependence.  The results of the studies are presented in the form of graphs of displacement su

Assessment of suitability of screen tubes with damages for further use on the basis of mathematical modeling

Computer simulation of the processes of deformation of screen tubes of boiler units at a thermal power station with wall thinning due to the intense influence of flue gases has been carried out.  The dependences between the maximum stresses in the screen tubes with operational thinnings and the geometrical parameters of the damaged areas of the tubes have been constructed, which allow us to determine the minimum thickness of tubes, for which operating stresses do not exceed a given permissible level.