Method of research of displacements of Dnister riverbed

In this paper we study the technique of channel displacement of the Dniester River. Monitoring of the rivers was done for the territory within the villages Tershev and Busovisko, and covers a 30-year period – from 1979 to 2010. The main causes of river bed displacement. We propose a conceptual model of the study of channel displacement, which is based on usage data from space imaging, aerial photography, laser scanning, cartographic materials, including special maps – the soil and geologic maps of quaternary sediments and, as well as data engineering and surveying..

Legal and conceptual aspects of development of the spatial development monitoring system in Poland

In the paper the problem of the development of a system for spatial planning monitoring is undertaken. The legal possibilities and restrictions connected with the designing and creation of such system are indicated. A review of the activities on this area is also presented together with the proposal of methodological solutions necessary for developing a concept of the monitoring system which would enable to generate spatial-based information at national and regional scales.

Peculiarities of improvement of cadastral activity in the nature reserve industry

On the basis of territories and objects of nature and reserve fund of Chernivtsi region the system of cadastral activity in natural and reserved branch was considered. The purpose of filling the structural elements of registration numbers of the State Land Cadastre and the State Cadastre of Nature and Reserve Fund is to provide objective information with the corresponding cadastral identification also was investigated a role and value of reserve territories in biosphere and society life.


Forecast model of vertical displacements of Earth’s surface

Purpose. Safe and reliable exploitation of underground gas storages (UGS) involves monitoring of the vertical displacements of the earth’s surface of gas storage. For the operation of underground storage people construct the gas compressor station, which serves to discharge and sample the gas from the reservoir bed through the exploitation wells, which are directly related to gas-compressor plant through the appropriate technological equipment and gas flow-lines.

Two-stage synchronous processing of pyrosignal in dual channel systems of the infrared monitoring


The possibility of reducing the influence of synchronous and asynchronous noises on the termovisions based cameras on pirovidikon by introducing into it the second receiving channel. The variants of the construction of a thermal imaging camera video processor. The proposed scheme provides effective noise suppression, work in real time and can be used to form a stereoscopic thermal object.