national law

The right of social security as a national law

Ukraine, having become the path of independence and the construction of a lawgoverned
state, directed its activities on the formation of national law. From here, the study of
the problems of the formation and development of such a branch of law as social security is
one of the main tasks of the legal science. This is due to the fact that, through the norms of this
industry, the realization of the most important social rights by a person and a citizen takes
place. In addition, the successful resolution of the tasks of law-making and law-enforcement

European Union law integration impact on legal frameworks of itsmember states

The article defines the meaning of integrated national legal frameworks of European Union member states analysing doctrinal principles of supremacy and direct force of European Union law. It proves that ensuring total supremacy of law European Union guarantees its precedence so that national laws and regulations do not contradict or defeat standards of European Union law.

Philosophical and legal determinants of mentality anthropology

Substantiation and the formation of at least three factors in the legal science are always important: the legal ideology, the idea of national law and national law. The legal ideology is natural for the person. A person perceives the world through legal categories, which are based on permissions and prohibitions. Even without knowledge of the basic areas of law, he creates a legal world by means of innate laws (biological, physical, mental, etc.), which are often found in morality, customs, traditions or other social and ideological norms