national memory

Official and unofficial look at contemporary Ukrainian cultural policy

Euromaidan and dignity revolution, which further continues, clearly show that without change in the national policy of culture change the country will be very difficult. It’s tactics and strategy formation space of life for the citizens of Ukraine, information about Ukrainian and country in the world, formed throughout history and established in today’s harmful and humiliating stereotypes, myths. Obviously the official state culture has long been not satisfied an active, creative part of society.

The problem of the victimization of the famine of 1932-1933 in the historical memory of the Ukrainian people

In the article the specification of the image of the Holodomor in the historical memory of the Ukrainian people is concerned. The conclusion is drawn, that this image has mostly victim character. It happened because a lot of people were exterminated during a very shot period and nobody was accused for that crime. The modern discourse of Ukrainian scientists stimulates that feeling because of its concentration on the suffering of victims and negative consequences of the Holodomor for the further history of the Ukrainian people.