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Evaluation of Natural Gas Saving Measures in Public Educational Institutions

The article analyzes the data of gas consumption for the heating periods and confirms that for the actual outdoor air temperatures there is a decrease in gas consumption. Necessary heat loads and gas consumption were determined to ensure the required indoor air temperature in the premises of the educational buildings with the proposed mode of gas savings by lowering the indoor air temperature, the so-called economical mode of operation of the boiler room. The theoretical economy of gas from lowering the temperature regime is determined.

Mathematical modeling of the heating process in a vortex tube at the gas distribution stations

In all sectors of the national economy of Ukraine, issues of energy efficiency and saving of fuel and energy resources are important.  Legislative changes in the branches and scientific developments of scientists allow reducing the energy dependence of Ukraine on imported fuels.  One of the energy-saving measures for the transportation of natural gas is the use of a vortex tube for heating natural gas at gas distribution stations.  Natural gas is heated before the process of reducing it in the gas pressure regulator to prevent the formation of crystalline hydrates within the gas pressure re

Investigation of Differential Pressure Flowmeters Accuracy in Pulsating Flows

This work deals with the investigation of influence of flow pulsation on the accuracy of gas flowrate and volume measurement by means of the differential pressure flowmeters. Experimental studies of the step response curves of an impulse line with a pressure transducer (PT) were carried out with application of a high-frequency analog-to-digital converter of the pressure signal in the PT chamber. Mathematical model of an impulse line with a PT was built. This model provides simulation and investigation of the transient processes with high accuracy.

Measurement of Roughness of Internal Surface of Measuring Pipeline in Real Time for Standard Orifice Plates

Methods for measuring the roughness of the internal surface of a measuring pipeline for projected rectilinear sections of a measuring pipeline and for rectilinear sections that are in operation have been determined. The new equations for calculating the hydraulic resistance coefficient of friction of natural gas on the internal surface of the measuring pipeline, the average value of natural gas pressure along the section of a measuring pipeline and the equivalent roughness were obtained.

Simplified Method for Calculation of the Joule-Thomson Coefficient at Natural Gas Flowrate Measurement

This work deals with measurement of natural gas flowrate and volume by means of pressure differential devices. The existing methods for calculation of Joule-Thomson coefficient to be applied in pressure differential flowmeters are analyzed in the paper. A new method which uses a simplified set of parameters of gas composition, namely the density at standard conditions, the molar content of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, is developed by the authors.

Simulation of Dynamic Processes of Gas Flow in Collector Systems

By using CFD-simulation, plug length simulation of local resistance type plugged tee, which changes the flow direction, using equations of hydrodynamics was carried out. During simulation, velocity of medium in the thread of the collector system in which local input resistance was plugged tee, which changes the flow direction, was measured. Herewith for determination of this velocity and reduction of its distortion collector system simulation at different plug lengths was carried out.

Analysis and choice of optimal conditions for the burning of natural gas with heated air in the reactor of carbon black obtaining

The mixing and burning of natural gas with heated air in the reactor of carbon black obtaining have been analyzed. Commercial test results for the device of partially premixed components with single-flow burner have been considered. Construction peculiarities and operational conditions of single- and multi-flow burners have been examined.

Technological Aspects of Environmentally Friendly Processes of Domestic Phosphorites Reductio

Chemical processes of phosphorites reduction by natural gas have been examined in the presence of sodium sulphate. The exchange of soda fluxing additives for sodium sulfate decreases the reduction process temperature, when such valuable products as phosphorus sulfides are formed, namely P4S10. We have shown that such exchange allows to reduce the process power consumption.