Legal interests of citizens in the property: the theoretical-legal dimension

The article is devoted to the theoretical and legal analysis of the category “legitimate interest”, the formation of its definition, the separation on this basis of a common understanding of the legitimate interests of citizens in the field of property. Particular attention is given to the analysis of three key theories of explanation of the content of legitimate interest, which relate to the identification of legitimate interests with the pursuit of a person, legal resolution and subjective legal law. The article proposes to recognize legitimate interest as a specific legal possibility.

Legal activity in the economy

The professionalism of the lawyer most complete and versatile manifested in the
activities, behavior and communication. According to scientific sources, activities – a person
active interaction with the environment, during which a person acts as an action focused on an
object and thus satisfy their needs. Activity – specific form of relationship to the world and
himself, as manifested in purposeful change and transformation of the world and human

Adapting features of medium stories dense development for children’s needs


У статті проаналізовано містобудівельні та просторово-планувальні обмеження щільної забудови у розплануванні простору для дітей. Визначено критерії та умови відповідності середовища потребам дітей. Висвітлено проблематику місця розташування дитячих майданчиків.

Motive forces of development of the new world civilization: imperative of social intelligence

The article investigates the actuality of the formation of a new responsible world civilization, examines the contemporary models of sustainable economic development of world civilization, developed by leading scholars of the present: the concept of «complete world» by Daley, the model of sustainable and humane global civilization by Raskin, a model of the zero marginal cost society and empathy civilization by Rifkin.