network topology

Optimization of topology transmission network mobile communication with taking into account conflicting quality parameters

To meet the put forward contradictory technical and economic demands to the structure of transmission networks it is necessary to use multi-criteria optimization methods when planning them. During our planning of a transmission network we design such a topology that has to provide high quality and sufficient reserve capacity at least costs. In practice it means that the designer must balance three transmission network quality factors, which characterize the cost, the quality and the capacity.

Features of microwave transmission planning in the mobile networks

Showing the relevance of the use of microwave systems in the mobile networks, which make it possible to create developed access layer of the transmission network with large bandwidth and flexibility enough to change topology without great loss of time and money. It’s very actual to use the modern microwave equipment, which works in the range of frequencies, which are called E-band (70-80 Ghz), and it is possible to reach the transmission speed rates up to 2.5 Gb/s. Such transmission speed is enough to satisfy the need not only of 3G base station, but LTE as well.