Vibronavantazhenist rizbovykh ziednan u konstruktsii sivalky [Vibration loading of threaded connections in the construction of the seeder]

Influence of parameters of vibration is explored on dynamic properties of screw-bolts connections of the sowing machine. Experimental vibrograms are used for the calculation of local stresses in the connection by low level mathematical model design.  The desires to identify the parameters that contribute to bolt loosening were the impetus for this study.

Kolyvannia kiltsevoho elektromahnitnoho vibrokavitatora rezonansnoi dii [Oscillations of the ring’s electromagnetic resonance vibratory cavitator at the resonance mode]

Worked out calculation chart on the basis of equalizations of Lagrange the second family the system of linear differentialequalizations in a matrix form, that describe a shakeprocess in circular electromagnetic cavitator of resonantaction, is got, and it is got solution of matrix equalization in a complex form.

Model i metod rozrakhunku poperechno-kutovykh kolyvan bitumo-shchebenevoho ahrehatu z rozihritym ridkym bitumom [Model and calculation method for transverse-angular oscillations of bitumen crushed stone aggregate with hot liquid bitumen]

Mathematical model of oscillations in the transverse and vertical space of trail of bitem and broken stone aggregate with independent torsions suspension with of motion warming up of bitems are developed.